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  • Japan House for Rio de Janeiro: Olympic Sized


    (ATR) It’s hard to miss Japan House in Rio de Janeiro. The hospitality center for the Rio Olympics is in the Cidade das Artes, a striking architectural sight in the middle of a major highway on the way to Olympic venues.
    Cidade das Artes, home to Japan House for Rio 2016 (Tokyo 2020)

    The pavilion is run by a consortium that includes Tokyo 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Japanese Government, and the Japanese Olympic Committee and its sponsors.

    A section for Tokyo 2020 displays a model of the New National Stadium and other activities toward 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    The city of Tokyo exhibit uses the theme “City of Waterways”.

    Sake display at Japan House (ATR)
    The Agriculture Ministry and National Tax Agency are promoting Japanese food and drink. A tax agency official says the attention for Japan from the Olympics will help boost sales of sake.

    “There are many foreigners who don’t know about Japanese sake. At first, I think it is important that they would know what Japanese sake is.”

    “One trillion yen export value of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and foods in a year by 2020 is the goal which the Japanese Government have set. But to do that we need to raise the public appeal for sake,” he said.

    Japanese Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda led the opening reception Monday.

    IOC president Thomas Bach visiting Japan House (ATR)
    “Welcome to Japan House. We are very happy to meet all here in this beautiful city. And also, in this unique and exciting Japan House. The Japanese Olympic Committee has this year taken a different approach for the hospitality house.”

    IOC President Thomas Bach came to the reception.

    “It is great to see through this hospitality and through your presence, how in Tokyo2020 all the components of the Olympic organizing committee are working together,” he said.

    Tokyo 2020 chief Yoshiro Mori said he hopes Japan House opens doors.

    “I would like people to know Japan and Tokyo more.”

    Japan House is also the daily site for press interviews with medalists from the Rio Olympics.

    With reporting in Rio de Janeiro by Hironori Hashimoto.

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