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  • Passports, Laptops, Phones Seized in Olympic Village Raid


    (ATR) The Olympic Village office of OCI latest target of Brazilian police seeking evidence of ticket fraud.

    The OCI confirmed the raid on Sunday, the final day of the Games. Police also searched the hotel rooms of three OCI executives.

    “Early this morning in Rio, Brazilian police arrived at the OCI offices in the Olympic village and at OCI accommodation outside of the village. They were met by OCI personnel. No arrests were made.

    “The police took possession of their passports along with their phones and laptops. The OCI personnel were asked to present for questioning at a local police station on Tuesday (23rd August) next. They agreed to do so.

    “The OCI had an allocation of unused official tickets in their offices which had been made available for athletes’ families and friends. The police also took possession of these tickets.”

    The raid comes four days after the police took OCI President and IOC member Patrick Hickey into custody for their investigation into possible fraud
    involving nearly 1,000 OCI tickets.

    Hickey is expected to try again on Tuesday to seek release from a maximum security prison. He reportedly shares a cell with Kevin Mallon, who was arrested Aug. 5 in connection with the case.

    The OCI executive was scheduled to meet in Dublin Sunday to review the ticketing scandal. No word yet on the outcome of that meeting.

    Names of the three who will meet with Brazilian police have not been released.

    Also on Sunday, IOC Pres. Thomas Bach briefly mentioned the Hickey affair at the close of the IOC session in Rio de Janeiro. He told members that Hickey has a hearing scheduled on Tuesday and that under Brazilian law he has ""the presumption of innocence”. He did not explain in any greater detail the charges against Hickey or the IOC involvement with the investigation.

    Hickey, 71, stepped down from his various Olympic functions shortly after his arrest pending further legal developments. He has his own counsel in Rio, not provided by the OCI.

    Written by Ed Hula.

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