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    (ATR) Filmmaster Events chief executive Andrea Varnier talks to Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula about what to expect from the Rio 2016 Paralympic opening ceremony.

    Andrea Varnier (Filmmaster)
    “It’s a new story for us,” Varnier tells ATR. “We don’t want to relax on the successes of the first two. It’s another show, another event and we know we have a big responsibility. We are trying to set the tone of these Paralympic Games.”

    He says the Paralympic ceremony will be less about the history of the country and more about the athletes and the emotions of the Games.

    “We are focusing on the spirit of the Paralympic Games,” Varnier says. “We are all not equal, we are all different, but the difference between able and disabled is very subjective. In the end, everybody has a heart.”

    Listen to the full conversation below:

    Written by Ed Hula

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