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    (ATR) Change is coming for the Youth Olympic Games.

    IOC executives are working on changes to the bidding process and format of the Youth Olympics. (ATR)
    The Youth Olympic games began in 2010 with the promise of boosting interest in the Olympics by young people as well as developing elite athletes.

    While they were originally envisioned as a way to bring smaller sized cities into the role of playing host, the summer version of the Youth Olympic Games have gone from Singapore, to Nanjing, to Buenos Aires in 2018. All of them big cities with large populations.

    And along with the Summer YOG, a winter version of the event has been held in Innsbruck and Lillehammer, with Lausanne holding the 2020 edition.

    However, plans for the next summer YOG are on hold – originally scheduled for 2022 – while the IOC comes up with a new formula for the event based on the recommendations of Olympic Agenda 2020.

    The YOG fall under the responsibility of IOC Olympic Games executive director Christophe Dubi who joined Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula on the latest edition of ATRadio to discuss the upcoming changes.

    Listen to the full conversation with Dubi below:

    Written by Ed Hula.

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