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  • Nuzman Elected to Final Term in Brazil


    (ATR) Rio 2016 president Carlos Nuzman will lead the Brazilian Olympic Committee through the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

    Rio 2016 president Carlos Nuzman with the Olympic Flame. (ATR)
    The COB reelected Nuzman for his sixth term as president on Oct. 4 with 24 out of a possible 29 votes. Nuzman ran uncontested due to the only person who voted against him, Alaor Azevedo, failing to register for the election prior to the April 30 deadline. The same mistake kept Azevedo out of the presidential election in 2012.

    Azevedo successfully applied for an injunction with Brazilian courts to nullify the registration deadline but that decision was later overturned. The matter is still under consideration in the courts and another reversal by a Brazilian judge could nullify Nuzman’s reelection.

    "There were three abstentions and one invalid vote, beyond my ballot,” Azevedo told reporters. “This shows that there is dissatisfaction and there was fear in opposing Nuzman. In over 100 years of history of the COB, he was one of the presidents elected with the fewest number of votes.”

    Azevedo – leader of the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation – also failed to garner the necessary support from at least 10 national federations to be considered a candidate.

    If the election holds up, Nuzman will serve his last term as COB president, giving him 25 years at the helm of the organization since taking over in 1995. During his time in office, Brazil has never placed within the top 10 at the Olympics, a goal the country fell just short of at the Rio 2016 Olympics on home soil.

    "We have much work ahead," Nuzman said at his inauguration. "It will not be long until our country becomes a winning entity."

    Newly elected vice president Paulo Teixeira is expected to be the favorite to take over as president in 2020 once Nuzman’s mandate is finished.

    The election of Nuzman also brings the appointment of new sports director Agberto Guimarães who served as sports director of the Rio 2016 Olympics and the Pan American Games in 2007. Guimarães is replacing Marcus Freire.

    Written by Kevin Nutley

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