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  • Cheerleading Takes First Olympic Steps


    (ATR) The IOC gives a nudge to some new sports seeking a place in the Olympic Family.

    The 2016 cheerleading world championships opening ceremony.
    The International Cheer Union, based in the U.S. and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, headquartered in Thailand, win provisional recognition by the IOC. They were the successful applicants from 16 international federations which had submitted dossiers seeking IOC recognition.

    IOC sports director Kit McConnell told reporters that the two new sports would have provisional recognition for three years.

    The Thai martial art Muaythai, a member of SportAccord since 2006, has 135 affiliate national federations. The cheerleading union includes over 100 national federations. McConnell said the two sports had presented strong cases to the IOC, with both having youth appeal. Under the IOC’s recognition system, both sports become members of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations. They will be provided with $25,000 in base development funding. The federations can apply for further grants handed out as part of support programs for IFs. Full recognition is expected to
    be granted by the IOC Session within the three-year period.

    Asked why the Russian-based martial art sambo had been rejected, he said: “We haven’t shut the door to anyone. We will continue to look at other applications received.”

    New Events for Buenos Aires YOG

    The IOC approved three new events for the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games – dance sport, karate and sport climbing. The three new sports reflect the IOC’s push for youth engagement. Karate and sport climbing will be a teaser of what’s to come at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Dance sport will feature men’s, women’s and mixed team breakdancing in a battle format. Karate will consist of three kumite events per gender. Sport climbing will be a combined event of the three climbing disciplines (lead, bouldering and speed) for both men and women.

    Written and reported in Lausanne by Mark Bisson.

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