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  • ATR Reporters Lead Rankings in TSE Olympic Media Survey


    (ATR) Olympic stakeholders from across the globe turned to Around the Rings throughout 2016 for their international sports news, according to a survey by Burson-Marsteller and TSE Consulting.
    (L to R) Mark Bisson, Brian Pinelli, Ed Hula (ATR)

    In the survey, Around the Rings correspondents demonstrated a strong social media following, proving to be the ones people turn to for the latest in Olympic developments.

    The survey found that three of ATR's reporters were ranked in the top ten most followed journalists by sports federations. Editor Ed Hula led ATR's ranks as being the second most followed journalist throughout the Olympic Movement.

    ATR reporters Brian Pinelli and Mark Bisson were among a group tied for 6th place. Around the Rings has a combined following of nearly 30,000 people that continues to grow each day. 

    "The massive following that every Around the Rings journalist has on social media is a testament to their hard work and the quality of coverage they provide on a daily basis", Hula says. 

    "That ATR has more journalists ranked in the top ten than any other media organization is further proof of why ATR is the most-trusted source of Olympic news and we will continue to live up to the expectation our readership has placed in us for 25 years."

    TSE Consulting Managing Director Lars Haue-Pedersen says social media will increasingly become an avenue for sports organizations to enhance the fan experience as well as follower engagement.
    (TSE Consulting)

    “Social media has become a critical avenue for international sports organizations, not only for communications but also as a strategic lever with the opportunity for these bodies to engage directly with the wide range of members, fans and other stakeholders worldwide," Haue-Pedersen tells ATR.

    "I look forward to seeing how sports governing bodies choose to incorporate and fully integrate these platforms in the way they run their core operations in the future.”

    Haue-Pedersen also acknowledges social media's ability to help smaller international sports organizations increase their share of the market.

    "We were very happy to see International Federations like World Archery, the ITTF and FIH take top spots in some categories, proving that efficient and effective use of social media goes a long way in engaging with fans,” said Haue-Pedersen.

    Around the Rings also ranked second as the most followed Olympic media organization on Twitter in the TSE survey. 

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    Written by Courtney Colquitt

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