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    (ATR) United States Anti-Doping chief executive officer Travis Tygart tells Around the Rings that National Anti-Doping Organizations can help tell the story of clean athletes in the fight against doping.

    USADA chief executive Travis Tygart (Getty Images)
    “Our role is to stand arm in arm with the clean athletes,” Tygart tells ATR on the latest edition of ATRadio. “Use whatever platform we’re provided to share and relay their voices. Unfortunately sometimes the powerless voices don’t get heard, and we stand ready to help.”

    Tygart, a lawyer by profession, joined USADA in 2007 and has been outspoken in the campaign to protect clean athletes ever since.

    ATR Editor Ed Hula spoke to Tygart following the release of the second McLaren report detailing the “unprecedented” extent of the Russian doping scandal. Tygart acknowledges that uncovering scandals is a necessary evil in improving competitions for clean athletes.

    “On the one hand it’s a crisis, on the other it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to take advantage of,” Tygart says. “Unfortunately to get sport and its solidified power positions to move in a direction that’s good for clean athletes and clean sports, it takes a scandal.

    “While no one likes this or welcomes this, it is an opportunity on the other hand to enact some true reform to make sure athletes rights are going to be protected going forward.”

    Listen to the full conversation with Tygart and Hula below:

    Written by Kevin Nutley

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