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  • WOA imposes sanctions on Tatyana Lebedeva and calls for implementation of its three point anti-doping plan


    For Immediate Release

    Monaco: 27 January 2017

    World Olympians Association (WOA) has outlined its strong commitment to driving doping out of sport, following the announcement by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that WOA executive committee member Tatyana Lebedeva (Russia) has been sanctioned for doping offences during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

    Congratulating the IOC on its strong determination to uncover historic doping offences, WOA has acted swiftly to impose sanctions upon Lebedeva.

    During an urgent meeting of the WOA Executive Committee late last night, WOA found Tatyana Lebedeva guilty of a breach of the WOA Code of Conduct while she was a member of the WOA Executive Committee. As a result, she will serve the following WOA sanctions:

    A life-time ban from standing for election to the WOA Executive Committee

    WOA recommends that the Russian Olympians Association suspends her membership of their Association, to coincide with any ban imposed upon her by the relevant authority as a result of her doping offence
    Suspension of her ability to use the email address, to coincide with any ban imposed upon her by the relevant authority as a result of her doping offence
    WOA understands that Lebedeva plans to appeal the IOC’s ruling; these sanctions will remain in place until such time as her appeal is heard, and will be reviewed once the appeal process is completed.

    Following its meeting, the WOA Executive Committee issued the following statement:

    “The WOA Executive Committee salutes the IOC’s strong determination to uncover drug cheats and drive them out of the Olympic Games and sport in general. WOA fully supports the IOC’s current reanalysis programme which has re-examined samples from 89 countries and has led to sanctions against athletes from 20 countries.

    “The WOA Executive Committee wishes to clearly restate its position: There is no room for drug cheats in sport. Olympians want a level playing field when they compete.

    “WOA, therefore, reiterates its call for the implementation of its proposed three point anti-doping plan: Dramatically increased funding for anti-doping in order to stay ahead of and catch the cheats, a drug testing system that is fully independent of nations, sports and event organisers and a permanent mechanism to ensure clean athletes can compete even if their country, sport or federation is sanctioned.”


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