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  • More Than 50 Cities from All Over the World Support the Paris 2024 Bid


    On the initiative of Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, more than 50 cities from all over the world announce their support for the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 bid. Other cities will join this op-ed in the coming days and weeks, during the international campaign of Paris 2024. Please read below the op-ed.

    “By 2050, two thirds of our planet’s inhabitants will live in cities, which are already striving to cope with the major challenges of our time such as climate change and increasing inequality. However, cities are designing solutions to face these challenges and overcome them. Cities are key contributors toward a more inclusive, sustainable and innovative world.

    As a pioneer in fields such as energy transition, digital technology and collaborative economy, Paris is a city already fully committed to change. In the perspective of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city will accelerate social and environmental progress, and carry out the relevant changes in Paris metropolitan area. In our opinion, Paris is the fittest placed city to meet this goal and to share it with the rest of the world.

    We see Paris as an instrument for collective and decisive progress, as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948, the Paris Agreement on Climate of December 2015, and the Cities for Life Summit in November 2016. These initiatives, which stemmed from the willingness to share and exchange information with other major cities of the world; have brought us together and united us.

    This dialogue is evidence to us that Paris believes in innovation and in the collective capability of cities to reinvent themselves. Paris understands that environmental transition cannot be imposed, that progress cannot be improvised and that democratic revival cannot be forced. Paris has decided to embrace environmentalism on a daily bases. This is environmentalism defined by the people, for the people – and it begins with children and families.

    Paris is also the two million people cheering together at the foot of the Eiffel Tower during Euro 2016. During this event, Paris demonstrated its expertise on security. Furthermore, it showed that it remains a city of celebration, inclusive and festive. These sporting moments of unity, touched us and inspired us deeply.

    Today, the City of Light looks forward to pursuing Pierre de Coubertin Olympic ‘vision, this Frenchman and founder of modern Olympics, was convinced that sports would build a better world. This bid comes one hundred years after the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, the people of Paris wish to share with us their passion for sports and their interest for a sustainable future.

    Inspired by this growing momentum, the 2024 Olympic Games could stand as a unique moment in History for environmental responsibility, innovative transport, social business, celebration and inclusiveness.

    At a time, many cities are contemplating whether to host major sporting events, Paris has the assets, the infrastructure and the ambition to bring a new spirit to the Games. These games would belong to everyone; they would be constructive and bring joy to all. Like many who love Paris and sport, we support and wish the Paris 2024 bid every success.”

    The signatories map is available here: image (jpg) and interactive (Google Map).

    The first signatories:

    1. Abidjan - Robert Beugré MAMBÉ‎, Minister, Governor of the District of Abidjan
    2. Alexandria - General Reda FARAHAT, Governor of Alexandria
    3. Amman - Aqel BILTAJI, Mayor of Amman
    4. Antananarivo - Lalao RAKOTONIRAINY RAVALOMANANA, Mayor of Antananarivo
    5. Athens - Yiorgos KAMINIS, Mayor of Athens
    6. Bamako - Adama SANGARE, Mayor of the District of Bamako
    7. Bangui - Emile-Gros-Raymond NAKOMBO, President of the Special Delegation of Bangui
    8. Barcelona - Ada COLAU, Mayor of Barcelona
    9. Beirut - Jamal ITANI, Mayor of Beirut and Ziad CHBIB, Governor of Beirut
    10. Brazzaville - Hugues NGOUELONDELE, Mayor of Brazzaville
    11. Brussels - Yvan MAYEUR, Mayor of Brussels
    12. Bucharest - Gabriela FIREA, General Mayor of Bucharest
    13. Cape Town - Patricia de LILLE, General Mayor of Cape Town
    14. Casablanca - Abdelaziz EL OMARI, Mayor of Casablanca
    15. Cologne - Henriette REKER, Lord Mayor of Cologne
    16. Copenhagen - Frank JENSEN, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen
    17. Cotonou - Léhady SOGLO, Mayor of Cotonou
    18. Douala - Fritz NTONÈ NTONÈ, Government Delegate to the Urban Community of Douala
    19. Dublin - Brendan CARR, Lord Mayor of Dublin
    20. Erevan - Taron MARGARYAN, Mayor of Erevan
    21. Kazan - Ilsur METHSIN, Mayor of Kazan
    22. Kyoto - Daisaku KADOKAWA, Mayor of Kyoto
    23. Libreville - Rose Christiane OSSOUKA RAPONDA, Mayor of Libreville
    24. Liege - Willy DEMEYER, Mayor of Liege
    25. Lima - Luis CASTAÑEDA LOSSIO, Mayor of the Metropolitan Area of Lima
    26. Lisboa - Fernando MEDINA, Mayor of Lisboa
    27. Luxembourg - Lydie POLFER, Mayor of Luxembourg City
    28. Madrid - Manuela CARMENA, Mayor of Madrid
    29. Marrakesh - Mohammed LARBI BELKAÏD, Mayor of Marrakesh
    30. Medellin - Federico GUTIÉRREZ, Mayor of Medellin
    31. Mexico - Miguel Ángel MANCERA ESPINOSA, Head of Government of the Federal District of Mexico
    32. Montevideo - Daniel MARTÍNEZ, Mayor of Montevideo
    33. Montreal - Denis CODERRE, Mayor of Montreal
    34. Munich - Dieter REITER, Lord Mayor of Munich
    35. Namur - Maxime PRÉVOT, Mayor of Namur
    36. Niamey - Assane SEIDOU, Mayor of Niamey
    37. Nicosia - Constantinos YIORKADJIS, Mayor of Nicosia
    38. Nouakchott - Maty Mint HAMADY, President of the Urban Community of Nouakchott
    39. Ouagadougou - Armand Roland Pierre BEOUINDE, Mayor of Ouagadougou
    40. Pointe-Noire - Roland BOUITI-VIAUDO, Mayor of Pointe-Noire
    41. Porto - Rui MOREIRA, Mayor of Porto
    42. Phnom Penh - PA Socheatevong, Gouvernor of Phnom Penh
    43. Praia - Oscar Humberto EVORA DOS SANTOS, Mayor of Praia
    44. Prague - Adriana KRNÁČOVÁ, Mayor of Prague
    45. Quito - Mauricio RODAS, Metropolitan Mayor of Quito
    46. Rabat - Mohammed SADIKI, Mayor of Rabat
    47. Riga - Nils UŠAKOVS, Mayor of Riga
    48. Rotterdam - Ahmed ABOUTALEB, Mayor of Rotterdam
    49 .Skopje - Trifun KOSTOVSKI, Mayor of Skopje
    50. Sydney - Clover MOORE, Lord Mayor of Sydney
    51. Tbilissi - Davit NARMANIA, Mayor of Tbilissi
    52. Tunis - Seifallah LASRAM, Mayor of Tunis
    53. Warsaw - Hanna GRONKIEWICZ-WALZ, Mayor of Warsaw
    54. Yaounde - Gilbert TSIMI EVOUNA, Government Delegate to the Urban Community of Yaounde

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