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  • Op-Ed: On the Defensive, IOC President Plays Alternative Facts Trump Card


    Veteran Olympic journalist Phil Hersh says Thomas Bach is blaming the wrong people for the 2024 bid failures.
    Phil Hersh (ATR)

    Budapest officially bowed out of the race to host the 2024 Summer Games on March 1. The Hungarian capital joined fellow European cities Rome, Italy and Hamburg, Germany on the sidelines.

    That leaves just two cities, Los Angeles and Paris, still in the running. The former only entered the race after Boston pulled out as the U.S. entry.

    Hersh is critical of the IOC for their use of "alternative facts" when it comes to defending the bidding process for an Olympic Games.

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    Philip Hersh, formerly Olympic Specialist for the Chicago Tribune, is a 30-year veteran of 18 Olympic Games who uses sport as a way to write about the culture of a country or athlete. Philip Hersh @olyphil on Twitter

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