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  • The ICSS previews Trusted Athlete App at Global Ethics Summit 2017



    Innovative mobile application technology being developed to help athletes scan, record and be informed and alerted about medication and banned substances in sport

    New York, USA; 16 March 2017: As part of its ongoing effort to help protect ethical and fair competition in sport, the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) today unveiled the development of a new and interactive mobile application that aims to help athletes and participants scan, record and be alerted about medicines and their legal status in sport.

    Introduced at the 9th Annual Global Ethics Summit 2017, which brought together CEOs and leading ethics and compliance experts from around the world, the mobile device app – known as the Trusted Athlete App – will provide sports stakeholders including amateur and professional athletes, coaches, doctors, teams and support staff with a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool to scan medication and be immediately informed with information about the item.

    When scanning a product with the Trusted Athlete App, the user will be instantly alerted about specific dosage limitations, as well as potentially harmful or banned substances within the item.

    As part of the ICSS’s ongoing portfolio of work to encourage fairer and more ethical competition in sport, the Trusted Athlete App will utilise the latest mobile app development technology and is currently in the development phase, working towards combining separate international databases with the aim of adding nutritional supplements at a later date.

    In addition to the scanning and alert functions, the Trusted Athlete App will also provide users with the option of recording and confidentially and securely sharing their consumption history with coaches, managers, sponsors and other relevant third-parties.

    Speaking about the Trusted Athlete app at the Global Ethics Summit 2017, Michael Hershman, ICSS Group CEO, said:

    “The need to protect and safeguard ethics and values in sport has never been greater. As we have seen recently, various high-profile cases of doping and substance abuse have affected many athletes and people who play sport– including amateurs and professionals.

    “As a first step to better protect athletes and help parents, coaches and participants at all levels identify harmful and banned substances, the ICSS has begun to work with relevant international authorities and technology companies in the field of athlete health to develop the Trusted Athlete app.

    “Through the development of innovative mobile technology, the Trusted Athlete App aims to reduce the risk of doping and substance abuse to athletes at all levels and to ensure they – as well as coaches, parents, sponsors and other third parties - are appropriately informed about harmful medications and substances to their health, as well as the latest rules and regulations, to ensure better compliance and fair and ethical competition in sport.”

    Scheduled to be launched later this year, details of the Trusted App were revealed at the Global Ethics Summit 2017, which saw the ICSS moderate the panel entitled ‘Standing Up in Sport: Preserving Integrity in the Global Sports Environment’.

    Bringing together leading compliance and legal experts from sport, the panel provided behind the scenes insights about some of the unique issues and challenges faced by sports, as well as how sponsors and the corporate sector can drive long-term solutions in sport integrity and good governance.

    Moderated by ICSS Group CEO, Michael Hershman, leading ethics and compliance experts on the panel included James Gibson (Global Compliance Counsel - The Coca-Cola Company), Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (CEO – ICSS EUROPE), Christopher McCleary (General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer - United States Olympic Committee) and Steph Vogel (Vice President and Assistant General Counsel – Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, National Basketball Association).

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    About the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS)

    The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) is an independent and non-profit organisation that plays an integral role in addressing the most prominent challenges facing the world of sport today.

    Having assembled a team of top international experts in sport safety, security, integrity and good governance; the ICSS works with multiple sectors with the aim of safeguarding sport.

    Through its two business divisions, ICSS ENTERPRISE and ICSS INSIGHT, the ICSS offers a range of safety, security, integrity, transparency and anti-corruption services to governments, international organisations and across the sports industry.

    For more details about the ICSS and its work, please visit or follow us on twitter at @the_ICSS.

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