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  • Very Promising Results for Autonomous Shuttles Experimentation on the Charles de Gaulle Bridge


    Friday, April 7 completes the testing of two autonomous shuttles on the Charles de Gaulle bridge in Paris. With more than 30 000 passengers have tested this new mode of transport, the operation launched on 23 January was a real success. It will enable the City of Paris, RATP and STIF draw many constructive lessons for new experiments.

    From January 23 to April 7, 2017, RATP, in partnership with STIF and the City of Paris has tested two autonomous shuttles on a channel dedicated to the Pont Charles de Gaulle (Paris 12 th and 13th). A total of more than 30 000 passengers who traveled on board free shuttle EZ10 100% of the electrical French startup Easymile. With a capacity of 6 seats, these shuttles, recharged at night, circulated 7 days 7, from 14h to 20h, with a present aboard agent.

    A particularly instructive test

    This experiment is a milestone for the RATP, STIF and the City of Paris, while the autonomous vehicle is a future opportunity to complement the existing mobility offer. It could help answer requests unmet mobility today (low density territories, low flow, first and last kilometers ...), providing more flexibility and adaptability, and to imagine new forms of services to offer travelers of tomorrow.

    The experimentation, especially appreciated by travelers, will work on areas for improvement. This particular concern inside space shuttle in order to gain modularity. All recovered data will also be used to work on the speed issues, crossing intersections, obstacle avoidance or remote command.

    A new experiment to come

    RATP, STIF and Ville de Paris also preparing a new experiment, between the Chateau de Vincennes and the Parc Floral of Vincennes, which will be set up in the coming months.

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    Press Service of the City of Paris

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