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  • US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program Revamped for 2017


    After 12 years, the Eventing Sport Committee approved a next phase for the US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program. In 2017, Richard Jeffery will review show jumping courses for all FEI eventing competitions in the U.S. following the event. Course designers will be asked to submit their courses as posted at the competition to Jeffery with all technical details (distance, time allowed, etc.) within five days of the completion of the competition. Each course, along with the technical details provided by the course designer, will be posted on the US Equestrian website with Jeffery’s critique. This will allow course designers to review other courses and consider Jeffery’s input when designing their own courses.

    “I am hoping that we can have a more level standard of designs across the country at the FEI level, plus those designing just national divisions can have an idea of the type of courses that are being used at the FEI levels,” Jeffery said. “In addition, with my comments posted on those courses, I hope they can further their education in course design and gain valuable experience from other course designers.”

    The US Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor Program was introduced in 2004 to raise the standard of eventing show jumping course design in the United States. Initially, the program focused on show jumping courses for FEI and Advanced level competitions. Since its inception, the program has expanded to include review of courses for Preliminary and Intermediate Horse Trials. The program has been effective in improving the consistency of eventing show jumping courses through the review and critique of courses from a majority of designers at the Preliminary level and above.

    The ultimate goal of the new program is to establish and maintain a consistent standard in the show jumping phase for events across the country. In the inaugural year, anyone interested in course design may also utilize this educational resource.

    For more information, please contact:

    Shealagh Costello
    Director of Eventing National Programs
    Tel: (859) 225-6923

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