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  • The Japanese Olympic Committee sets up Executive Board for 2017-2019


    Tokyo, 10 July 2017 - The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) is pleased to inform
    the executive board members for fiscal year 2017-2019. The decision was made at
    the Annual Assembly held by the JOC Council on 27 June, followed by the Executive
    Board Meeting held on 4 July 2017.

    Tsunekazu TAKEDA, Olympian and IOC Member, has been re-elected to another
    2-year term as president. Respecting the Recommendation 11 of Olympic Agenda
    2020, the number of female members has increased two-fold comparing to the
    previous term.

    Under the leadership of President TAKEDA and with the new executive board
    members, the JOC would like to create an environment for success of the Olympic
    Games Tokyo 2020.

    Please see attached list for the leaderships 2017-2019.

    Japanese Olympic Committee

    Leaderships: 2017-2019
    President Mr Tsunekazu TAKEDA (IOC member) *
    Vice President / Secretary General Mr Eisuke HIRAOKA
    Vice Presidents Mr Yasuo SAITO
    Ms Seiko HASHIMOTO *
    Senior Executive Board Members Mr Kiichiro MATSUMARU
    Mr Kohzo TASHIMA
    Mr Yasuhiro YAMASHITA *
    Mr Tsuyoshi FUKUI
    Mr Tetsuro HIBINO
    Executive Board Members Ms Yuko ARAKIDA *
    Mr Masatoshi ITO (New)
    Mr Koji UENO (New)
    Mr Shin-ichiro OTSUKA
    Mr Mitsugi OGATA
    Mr Takahiro KITANO (New)
    Mr Akira KOKAZE
    Ms Mikako KOTANI * (New)
    Ms Haruka SAITO * (New)
    Mr Noriyuki SAKAMOTO (New)
    Mr Yuji TAKADA *
    Ms Naoko TAKAHASHI *
    Mr Mitsuo TSUKAHARA *
    Mr Hiroo NOBATA
    Mr Yosuke FUJIWARA
    Mr Ichiro HOSHINO
    Mr Kazufumi MINAMI (New)
    Mr Keisuke MURATSU
    Mr Koji MUROFUSHI *
    Ms Kaori YAMAGUCHI *
    Auditors Mr Mitsutaka KUROKAWA
    Mr Shigemitsu SAKUMA
    Mr Toshihisa NAGURA
    * Olympian

    Japanese Olympic Committee
    Public Affairs & Strategic Planning Department
    Tel: +81-3-3481-2258 Fax: +81-3-3481-2282
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