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  • Olympic Broadcasters Explore Tokyo


    (ATR) Olympic Broadcasting Services led the latest meetings of the world’s Olympic broadcasters in Tokyo.

    OBS leading sessions in Tokyo (OBS)
    Just over three years out from the 2020 Olympic Games 19 Olympic rights holders were in Tokyo for a briefing and venue tour. The broadcaster’s visit ran from July 9-12, allowing rights holders to begin scouting locations at venues and see operational plans for the International Broadcast Center.

    Venues across both clusters in Tokyo were included in the tour, as were the national stadium and Olympic Village construction sites. In addition to seeing the already completed venues across Tokyo, broadcasters toured the outdoor sites for sports such as triathlon and beach volleyball.

    The visit concluded with two days of briefings at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center. The center will house both the Main Press Center and the IBC during the Olympics and Paralympics.

    The briefing was moderated by OBS in coordination with the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee. Yesterday, OBS led discussions with the rights holders to share “production, technical and operational plans,” according to a release.

    “The 1964 Olympics left a strong legacy that can still be seen today,” Yiannis Exarchos, OBS chief executive, said to the rights holders. “We truly believe the 2020 Olympic Games will have a similar power of transformation and will again lay the groundwork for innovation, even more evident in respect to broadcasting.”

    Rights holders travelled to Tokyo to begin planning for 2020 broadcasts (OBS)
    As OBS discussed its plan for the Games, Tokyo 2020 presented the latest operational news surrounding the Olympic project. These updates included areas of “sports, venues, transport, accommodation and accreditation.” Recently the IOC Coordination Commission visited Tokyo where work began on the important, smaller details of the project.

    Tokyo 2020 organizers also took the time to discuss new technological opportunities for broadcasters, such as 4K and 8K television screens. Tokyo 2020 president Yoshirō Mori told rights holders that “it is essential that all people… get the most out of the performances of world’s top athletes,” from broadcasters.

    The final day of the meetings was designed to give rights holders a chance to consult one-on-one with OBS and Tokyo 2020 to begin IBC preparations.

    Written by Aaron Bauer

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