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  • Air China Will Fly Olympians, Paralympians to Beijing


    (ATR) Athletes and officials heading to 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will travel to Beijing aboard the jets of Air China.

    Dancing flight attendants and pilots with a 747 backdrop launch the Air China sponsorship for the 2022 Winter Olympics. (Air China)
    With a 747 as part of the stage in an airline hangar at Beijing International Airport, executives from Beijing 2022 and Air China signed a deal believed to be worth as much as $100 million in cash and services.

    The airline, the Chinese national carrier, officially will be known as the Passenger Air Transportation Services Partner.

    Among the obligations of Air China: tickets for the thousands of athletes and officials to travel to Beijing. The travel is one of the requirements of of the IOC host city contract.

    Air China held a similar sponsorship role for the 2008 Games.

    Deputy Beijing Mayor Zhang Jiandong, Vice Executive President of Beijing
    Air China and Beijing 2022 execs sign the sponsorship deal. (Air China)
    2022 signed the sponsorship with Song Zhiyong, President of Air China.

    "Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are a major landmark event in China's history. Air China will bring its own strengths into play and mobilize its resources to spread Olympic Values and increase the impact of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games," said Song Zhiyong.

    The airline offers non-stop flights to Beijing to every continent except Africa. Air China is a member of the Star Alliance, allowing it to connect to most major airports.

    "Beijing 2022 will spare no effort to provide quality services to ensure Air China enjoy the widespread benefits of being an Official Partner of Beijing 2022", said Zhang Jiandong in a statement.

    Bank of China was the first national sponsor announced for Beijing 2022. A sponsor for dairy products and one for sport apparel are said to be announced soon.

    Written by Ed Hula.

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