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    (ATR) International Paralympic Committee presidential candidate Patrick Jarvis says social inclusion must be a worldwide priority for the Paralympic Movement.

    IPC presidential candidate Patrick Jarvis (Jarvis)
    “If you take a look at a poor nation from one of the regions, a gold medal for them – or a medal or even an athlete competing – moves the dial on both the aspect of funding opportunities and social awareness,” the former Canadian Paralympic Committee president tells Around the Rings on the latest edition of ATRadio.

    “To me on a holistic basis, a very significant challenge for us is that we leave nobody behind, that we are truly inclusive. And if we are truly all about inclusion, the challenge for us is, how do we ensure that every nation has the opportunity for young athletes with disabilities to pursue their Paralympic dream?”

    Jarvis is one of four candidates seeking to follow the lead of outgoing IPC president Philip Craven and continue the growth and expansion of the Paralympic values worldwide. The IPC General Assembly will elect Craven’s successor on Sept. 8 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    Each of the four candidates – Jarvis, Andrew Parsons, John Petersson and Haidi Zhang (click each name for more information about their campaigns) – presented their ideals and goals for the presidency to the assembly on Sept. 6. Click here for a link to the official manifestos of each candidate. ATR reached out to the campaigns of Parsons and Zhang for an ATRadio but the candidates were unavailable due to their busy schedules.

    As the election nears, Jarvis asks that the voting members truly consider who would best serve the mission of the Paralympics, not only as president but also the vice president and 10 governing board members that will be elected.

    “I would certainly hope and implore them that when they go to push the button to vote, not only for the president and vice president but for the ten members at large that they will select, that they put aside any kind of perceived loyalties, group block votes and really take a look at what best serves our movement to move forward,” he says.

    Listen below for the full interview with Jarvis and ATR reporter Kevin Nutley.

    Written by Kevin Nutley

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