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  • Beijing 2022 Promises 'Green, Inclusive, Open and Clean Games'


    (ATR) Organizers of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics say their efforts to deliver sustainable Games will not go unnoticed when the world comes to China.

    Beijing 2022 vice president Shu'an Yang presents to the Session in Lima. (IOC)
    From the renovation of the Shougang Steel industrial complex into Beijing 2022’s headquarters and multiple training centers to the repurposing of venues from the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, it is clear sustainability is a key tenant of Beijing 2022’s Games delivery plan.

    Beijing 2022 vice president Shu’an Yang and communications director Yu Chang delivered a progress report to members of the International Olympic Committee during the Session in Lima, Peru on Sept. 13.

    Yang and Yu emphasized that preparations are either on time and on budget or ahead of schedule with less than five years remaining until the Chinese capital becomes the first to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

    “Our planning of the venues and infrastructure is progressing on schedule. We successfully launched the marketing program and people in China continue to show strong support and are enthusiastic about contributions to the Games,” said vice president Yang.

    He notes that these preparations will continue to accelerate following the conclusion of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games in March.

    Beijing 2022 media and communications director Yu Chang delivers the detailed update on preparations. (IOC)
    “We are clearly aware that after the conclusion of the winter Games in 2018, our preparations of work for the Games will reach a critical stage,” Yang said. “Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government and professional guidance of the IOC, we in the Organizing Committee will fully comply with the concept of the delivery of green, inclusive, open and clean Games.”

    Communications director Yu reiterated the phrase of “green, inclusive open and clean” Games, demonstrating four areas of emphasis for organizers.

    “The key messages are inspire the youth with the Olympic spirit, encourage millions to embrace winter sports, promote social progress through Winter Games and create a harmonious world of better, mutual understanding,” Yu said.

    While organizers say sustainability is a core tenant of their delivery, IOC member Sari Essayah asked how they will balance sustainability efforts with the need for artificial snow. Essayah asked how much snow they plan to make and how they plan to make it.

    Vice president Yang did not explain how the snow will be made in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner and was candid saying he did not know how much snow would be needed. He said it depends on the snowfall in 2022.

    Beijing 2022 Coordination Commission chairman Alexander Zhukov (IOC)
    Despite this, Beijing 2022 Coordination Commission chairman Alexander Zhukov ensured that all preparations are on the right track.

    “I would also like to mention sustainability which has been placed at the very core of the Beijing 2022 project from the very beginning,” Zhukov said. “This includes the implementation of detailed environmental impact studies to ensure all mitigation measures are in place for the construction of the sliding center and alpine skiing venue.

    “I would like to reiterate the full trust that Beijing 2022 is taking all necessary actions in a timely manner to deliver successful Games and leave a strong legacy to the citizens of Beijing and Hebei province.”

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    Written by Kevin Nutley

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