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  • Host City Asia Rescheduled -- Conferences and Conventions


    (ATR) Organizers of Host City Asia confirm that the planned October event in Beijing has been moved to 2018.

    Beijing's Birds Nest Stadium will be the first to host Summer and Winter Games. (IOC)
    “The organizers of Host City Asia wish to let you know that, due to a clash of dates with the recently announced 19th National Party Congress in Beijing, Host City Asia will now take place towards the end of May 2018,” Host City said in a statement. “Further details and venue will be announced soon.”

    Originally scheduled for Oct. 18, Host City Asia will now take place just four years prior to the return of the Olympics to the Chinese capital. Beijing in 2022 will become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

    Despite the rescheduling, Host City is confident there will be full participation at the event in May 2018.

    “We would like to apologize for any inconvenience; I am sure you will understand the reschedule is for a very good reason beyond our control,” organizers said. “We are pleased to confirm there will be top level participation of major international event owners, hosts and organizers at Host City Asia in May.”

    The event will highlight the consecutive Olympic Games taking place in the Asian region, with PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 seeking to spread Olympic values throughout the continent.

    The event will bring together event organizers, investors and suppliers to build relationships and strategize on ways to capitalize on the consecutive Olympics in the region.

    “With a mix of panel discussions, keynote addresses and case studies on the theme of ‘New Audiences through Sports and Entertainment’, Host City Asia highlights the issues and opportunities facing everyone in the major events business,” a statement on the website reads.

    The international edition of Host City is still scheduled for Nov. 28-29 in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Olympin Collectors Convention Heads to Lake Placid

    (Olympin Club)
    The host city of the 1980 Winter Olympics will bring together the community of Olympic pin collectors for the Olympin Club Annual Convention.

    The event includes a private reception at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, private reception in the observation deck of the 120 meter ski jump and a silent auction and formal dinner.

    The latest pins circulated at the Rio 2016 Summer Games will be featured throughout the meeting.

    A pre-convention reception takes place on Sept. 28 at the Olympic Museum. The convention officially gets underway on Sept. 29 in the Lussi Grand Ballroom of the Olympic Center. The convention concludes on Sept. 30 followed by an Olympin Club Membership meeting on Oct. 1.

    Those interested in attending the three day event may still register here

    SPORTEL Returns to Asia 

    The Sportel Conference will be returning to Singapore beginning Mar. 13, 2018, where organizers expect hundreds of business leaders in attendance.

    “We are excited to launch the next SPORTELAsia, which for 2018, I am convinced, positioned as an elite industry event embracing the rapid growth markets of China and throughout Asia, will provide an even greater platform for developing valuable business opportunities and the place to be as a connector of cultures, which unites the world in Asia,” SPORTEL CEO Laurent Puons said in a statement.

    Continuing the theme "Meet the Elite" the conference will offer numerous panel discussions for delegates to attend as well as networking opportunities with industry leaders.

    Details on the full list of panels and programs for SPORTELAsia are soon to be announced.

    SPORTELAsia will conclude on Mar. 15, 2018.

    Conference Schedule

    VISTA 2017: Sep. 20-23

    ISCC (Lausanne) Digital Marketing Seminar: Sep. 25 

    Team USA Media Summit: Sep. 24-27

    Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum: Sep. 29

    Leaders Week London 2017: Oct. 2-6

    ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference : Oct. 11-14 

    AISTS - Sport Event Management and Organization Seminar: Oct. 16-20

    Sportel Monaco: Oct. 23-26

    Coliseum Summit Asia-Pacific: Oct. 25-26

    TEAMS ’17 Conference & Expo: Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

    Stadium Sports Marketing Symposium: Nov.1-2

    SportAccord IF Forum: Nov. 8-10 

    TAFISA World Congress: Nov. 15-19 

    Play the Game: Nov. 26-30 

    Host City 2017: Nov. 28-29 

    Peace and Sport International Forum: Dec. 6-8 

    SPORTELAsia: Mar. 13-15, 2018 

    Coliseum Summit London: Mar. 21-22, 2018 

    SportAccord Convention: April 15-20, 2018

    Host City Asia: May 2018

    Coliseum Summit US: May 9-10, 2018 

    IWG World Conference on Women and Sport: May 17-20 , 2018 

    International Sports Convention: Dec. 5-6, 2018

    Written by Kevin Nutley 

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