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  • Baseball Softball Merge Statutes


    (ATR) World Baseball Softball Confederation President Riccardo Fraccari said approving new statutes created a “united Federation” in Botswana.

    The Congress in Botswana (WBSC)
    The WBSC wrapped up an extraordinary congress today in Gaborone, Botswana. Items discussed were the proposed Tokyo 2020 competition schedule, elections in WBSC baseball and WBSC softball, and admission of new members.

    Before the congress a WBSC spokesperson told Around the Rings that the competition schedule was an "open issue.” Originally, the WBSC wanted a round robin with all six teams before the medal round, but Tokyo organizers and the IOC say they bilaterally agreed last week to a format of two groups of three teams.

    The WBSC was formed four years after the merging of the international baseball and softball federations. The merger was done to boost the two sports’ bid to rejoin the Olympic program. Baseball and softball were eventually added to the Tokyo 2020 sports program as an additional sport.

    A vote in Botswana fully merged the statutes of the two organizations within the WBSC. According to a release from the WBSC, 162 votes from 125 federations sealed the decision.

    “It’s a great day; the day we really become a united Federation, proud world governing body of a global sport,” Fraccari said in a statement.

    “Starting Monday, we all need to head to the same direction. And we want to interact with you, member countries. We want you to live your Federation day by day.”

    Three countries - Congo, St. Maarten, and Tanzania - were admitted to the WBSC for both baseball and softball. Congo and Tanzania were admitted as full members, while St. Maarten was admitted as a provisional member. The federation also admitted the Botswana baseball federation, and accepted the merging of baseball and softball federations in Ghana, Mongolia, and Nepal.

    Written by Aaron Bauer

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