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  • 'Nothing Off Limits' for Tokyo 2020 Savings


    (ATR) Tokyo 2020 organizers tell Around the Rings that no areas are off limits for potential cost-cuts following the International Olympic Committee project review.

    Tokyo 2020 Coordination Commission chairman John Coates and Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori (Getty Images)
    IOC memberJohn Coates previously said the IOC wants the budget slashed by $1 billion from the current $12 billion budget. Coates said he saw potential for cost reductions in 11 of the 14 areas that were discussed during the meetings that took place from Oct. 3-4.

    “Tokyo 2020 and the IOC had a thorough, productive discussion on cost reduction during the IOC Project Review meeting days ago,” a Tokyo 2020 spokesperson tells ATR. “Tokyo 2020 is now reviewing the draft of its version-two budget, and the entire picture of the budget configuration will be made clear to the public when it is unveiled at the end of this year.”

    “Tokyo 2020 will keep working towards cost reduction, not only in operational budgets, but also in every other possible area including temporary facilities, IT and energy provision in close cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the national government and other stakeholders,” the spokesperson added.

    “No areas are off limits for potential cost-cuts.”

    Concerns over water pollution in Tokyo Bay were also discussed during the project review.

    Odaiba is located on Tokyo Bay (Ronny Siegel)
    “Athlete safety is of paramount importance and Tokyo 2020 is working closely with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to implement all necessary measures to ensure that all athletes can perform at their best in a safe environment during the Tokyo 2020 Games,” the spokesperson said.

    Organizers added: “we are working to ensure that the Odaiba Marine Park venue fully satisfies all relevant International Federation water quality standards.”

    The installation of triple-layer underwater screens is one of the measures being considered to improve water quality at the venue.

    “If necessary, Tokyo 2020 will also consider amendments to event dates and/or times in response to weather conditions.”

    The results of water temperature and quality surveys revealed that day-to-day water quality at Odaiba varies significantly depending on weather conditions. The quality suffers significantly on rainy days.

    In August 2017, there was rainfall in the Tokyo area on 21 consecutive days, the second-longest period of consecutive days of rain recorded in August since 1977.

    Tokyo 2020 tells ATR that Odaiba Marine Park has been successfully used as the venue for Japan’s National Triathlon Championships for more than 20 years and more than 2,000 athletes in total have participated in these events to date.

    The Japan Swimming Federation has also held its Tokyo Marathon Swimming events there between 2009 and 2013, and the Japan Open Water Swimming Championships have been held there since 2016.

    Written by Miguel Hernandez

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