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  • Tokyo 2020 Launches Operation BATON


    Sustainability initiative will support construction of the Athletes’ Village

    Tokyo, 18 October 2017 - The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
    (Tokyo 2020) today announced details of the 62 municipalities across Japan which have volunteered to
    participate in its Operation “BATON” sustainability programme. BATON stands for “Building Athletes’
    village with Timber Of the Nation,” and is an initiative to construct the Village Plaza for the Olympic and
    Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 using timber produced in the participating municipalities.

    “Sustainability” and “engaging all of Japan” are the key driving forces behind this project, which will see
    communities across Japan lending locally produced timber for use in the construction of the Village Plaza.
    After the Games, the Plaza will be dismantled and the timber returned to the municipalities for them to

    The Village Plaza will be one of the main facilities in the Athletes’ Village as well as the venue for team
    welcome ceremonies, which will put the facility in the public spotlight when these ceremonies are covered
    by the media. The Plaza will house a media centre, cafés, florists and general shops as well as provide
    services to the athletes, visiting accredited Olympic and Paralympic families, members of the media, and
    guests of the athletes.

    Participating municipalities
    Type Project Organisations (municipalities)
    Per building1
    Iwate Prefecture
    Yamagata Prefecture
    Gifu Prefecture, Seki City, Nakatsugawa City, Gujo City, Gero City, Shirakawa Town,
    Higashishirakawa Village (total 7 municipalities)
    Kumamoto Prefecture
    Nichinan City in Miyazaki Prefecture
    Per material2 Monbetsu City in Hokkaido Prefecture
    Shimokawa Town in Hokkaido Prefecture
    Oketo Town in Hokkaido Prefecture
    Engaru Town in Hokkaido Prefecture
    Aomori Prefecture
    Miyako City in Iwate Prefecture
    Tome City in Miyagi Prefecture
    Akita Prefecture
    Odate City in Akita Prefecture
    Yamagata City in Yamagata Prefecture
    Kaneyama Town in Yamagata Prefecture
    Fukushima Prefecture
    Tochigi Prefecture, Kanuma City, Nikko City (total 3 municipalities)
    Chiba Prefecture
    Sagamihara City in Kanagawa Prefecture
    Hadano City in Kanagawa Prefecture
    Niigata Prefecture, Kashiwazaki City, Tokamachi City, Murakami City, Itoigawa City, Joetsu City,
    Yuzawa Town, Sekikawa Village (total 8 municipalities)
    Yamanashi Prefecture
    Neba Village, Kawakami Village, Tenryu Village in Nagano Prefecture (total 3 municipalities)
    Shizuoka Prefecture
    Shizuoka City in Shizuoka Prefecture
    Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture
    Oyama Town in Shizuoka Prefecture
    Wakayama Prefecture
    Tottori Prefecture
    Chizu Town in Tottori Prefecture
    Shimane Prefecture
    Okayama Prefecture
    Tokushima Prefecture
    Seiyo City in Ehime Prefecture
    Kochi Prefecture, Kami City, Otoyo City (total 3 municipalities)
    Nagasaki Prefecture
    Oita Prefecture, Hita City, Saiki City (total 3 municipalities)
    Miyazaki Prefecture
    Kagoshima Prefecture
    Total 41 project organisations (62 municipalities)4

    1 Volunteer participation on the scale of buildings comprising relatively small rooms.
    2 Volunteer participation on the scale of materials for relatively large spaces.
    3 Tokyo is participating as the Host City.
    4 Applications by multiple local governments under a joint name are treated as one project organisation.
    Artist renditions of the Plaza:
    Exterior Interior

    Note: Images are based on current plans, which are subject to change

    For more information: Tokyo 2020 Online Press Room, ID: media password: tokyo2020media
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