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  • ATR First: AIBA Executive Director Resigns


    (ATR) International Boxing Association executive director William Louis-Marie says the governance issues of the federation are preventing him from properly doing his job.

    AIBA Executive Director William Louis-Marie resigns. (AIBA)
    He penned a letter a letter of resignation to suspended AIBA president C.K. Wu, interim president Franco Falcinelli and AIBA’s Executive Committee on Oct. 20. Louis-Marie says he does not want to be used as an instrument in the power struggle between Wu and Falcinelli over control of the federation and its current financial status.

    “The present situation makes it very difficult for me, if not impossible, to pursue my mission in due course,” he writes. “The current uncertainties as to my hierarchy and the ongoing legal disputes add to the issues that force me to resign.”

    With his resignation, Louis-Marie hopes to avoid taking a stance on the power struggle in the federation that has pitted the Executive Committee against suspended president Wu. Executives allege that Wu has mismanaged the federation and signed off on bad financial deals that have resulted in severe debts.

    AIBA executives will convene in Dubai on Nov. 3-4 to review the federation’s finances and could set a date for an Extraordinary Congress with AIBA’s National Federation where a motion of no confidence could be levied against Wu. Around the Rings is told the congress could come as soon as January.

    Louis-Marie has worked for AIBA for two-and-a-half-years, first as communications director before becoming the executive director following the resignation of AIBA’s former executive director Karim Bouzidi in September 2016. Bouzidi resigned as a result of controversial decisions at the Rio 2016 Olympic boxing tournament.

    Prior to AIBA, Louis-Marie served as communications director of the inaugural Baku 2015 European Games. He also resigned from this post in March 2015 citing “personal reasons”. Louis-Marie has also served as communications manager for Coca-Cola France and worked with the Atlanta 1996 Olympics and France 1998 World Cup.

    Given AIBA's statutes, Louis-Marie's employment contract with AIBA will conclude on Jan. 31, 2018.

    Written by Kevin Nutley

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