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  • Tokyo, Beijing Organizers Appeal for NOC Outreach


    (ATR) Tokyo 2020 says it hosted three National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee open days in 2017 to boost NOC collaboration.

    Tokyo 2020 chief operating officer Yukihiko Nunomura (ATR)
    The majority of Tokyo 2020’s presentation to the ANOC General Assembly relayed how the collaboration with NOCs can prepare the facilities to provide the best conditions for Olympians and Paralympians during the Games.

    Tokyo 2020 is planning two more NOC Open Days in 2018, with dates scheduled for March 26 and July 17. Registration for these visits will begin in December.

    “We know the eyes of the world will turn to Tokyo soon after the PyeongChang 2018 Games,” said Tokyo 2020 chief operating officer Yukihiko Nunomura. “Our staff members are dedicating their efforts to deliver innovative and successful Games. It will be an unforgettable experience for your athletes and we are making preparations so your athletes can perform their personal best.”

    The OCOG also welcomed the sport program approved by the IOC, which brings the athlete participation closer to complete gender equity than ever before. The program will feature 33 sports including the five chosen by Tokyo 2020.

    Beijing 2022 Preparations Forge Forward

    Beijing 2022 vice-president Zhiang Jiandong says construction of all competition venues started, and organizers will welcome the world’s NOCs starting next year.

    Beijing 2022 international relations deputy director Pan Zhiwei at ANOC (ATR)
    “We began the construction of all venues and infrastructure,” Jiandong said to ANOC delegates, mentioning the new Beijing Airport, Beijing to Zhangjiakou high speed railway and the new expressway.

    The Beijing 2022 vice-president spoke of Chinese president’s Xi Jinping unwavering commitment to growing winter sports in the Asian country, noting that he toured the future Olympic venue sites in Beijing and Zhiangjiakou. IOC president Thomas Bach and ANOC leader Sheikh Ahmad met with the Xi in August.

    Directly addressing the NOC leaders, Jiandong said: “We look forward to welcoming you to the Games in 2022 and we will spare no effort to furnish your athletes and delegation members with good conditions and services.”

    Beijing 2022 deputy director of international relations Pan Zhiwei also took part in the presentation providing further details on the future organizing committee headquarters. Renovations on the Shougang steel and iron park are ongoing.

    Like Jiandong, Zhiwei also pledged Beijing 2022’s commitment to the NOCs.

    “Beijing 2022 attaches great importance to our relationships with the NOCs to deliver a successful Games,” Zhiwei said.

    Following the PyeongChang Games, the NOCs have been invited to Beijing in April 2018.

    Written by Kevin Nutley and Brian Pinelli in Prague

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