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  • Olympic Historian Recuperates After Stroke in PyeongChang


    Bill Mallon (ATR)
    (ATR) Olympic historian Bill Mallon is back in the U.S. after suffering a stroke five days ago during a live interview on CNN in PyeongChang.

    Mallon, 66, began fumbling with his answers during the interview, the first sign of trouble. He returned to his desk at the U.S. Olympic Committee office in the Main Press Center but the symptoms persisted.

    He was taken to a hospital for four days of treatment.

    “My Olympics in Korea have ended, as I sit in Seoul Incheon airport for my flight back to Atlanta,” wrote Mallon two days ago on his twitter account.

    “Some of you may have heard I had a problem in PyeongChang. Friday AM, while doing a CNN interview, I could not speak for part of the interview, and after going to hospital, was diagnosed with a small stroke.

    “I’m doing well, but I have only one problem remaining which is maddening for someone dealing with databases and spreadsheets. My fine motor skills with my right hand are still slow, making typing this difficult.

    “I’ve been asked if I can still help with stats during the Games. I want to, but please understand I want to spend a few days with my wife and dogs and trying to recover further. I will do what I can, when I can, but I may have to say no, occasionally. I have never done that and always tried to help you guys. Please understand.

    “My care in Korea, speaking from my day job as an orthopaedic surgeon, was superb. And God bless the USOC for organizing my care and getting me back home. I’ll be back,” wrote Mallon.

    Indeed, Mallon is back. The inveterate statistical whiz is back on line from his home. His twitter page has a number of notations already today.

    One big number he won’t be on hand to personally analyze is expected to pop up Wednesday. There’s a likelihood that by the end of the day Mallon will be able to note the U.S. winning its 100th gold medal of all its Winter Olympic Games.

    Mallon, a former professional golfer, is one of the leading members of the International Society of Olympic Historians.

    Follow Bill Mallon at @bambam1729

    Reported in PyeongChang by Ed Hula. For general comments or questions, click here.

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