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  • Health Conference to Debut at SportAccord


    HealthAccord takes place April 19 (SportAccord)
    (ATR) Organizers of the annual sports and business summit are launching a HealthAccord strand at this year’s conference in Bangkok.

    Titled ‘The Power of Sport – The Power to Change’, it will discuss the long-term hard and soft gains and address the challenges being faced across the entire sport ecosystem.

    HealthAccord speakers and panelists will examine how better health is a key enabler, and helps to promote a healthy sports image, attracts commercial sponsorship, improves fan bases and empowers athletes to give better sport performances.

    Yannis Pitsiladis, a member of the IOC’s medical and scientific commission, will lead a session on The Power to Change. Commenting on the importance of HealthAccord, Pitsiladis said: “The biggest threat to humanity is not artificial intelligence but the starvation of physical activity. Our future is in danger and it is all our fault.”

    SportAccord takes place April 15-20 in the Thai capital.

    HealthAccord, scheduled for April 19 at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre, builds on the success of the IF Forum 2016 where international sports federations gathered to discuss the power of sport to drive world health.

    Co-chairs of the new HealthAccord conference are Margo Mountjoy, chair of the ASOIF medical and scientific consultative group who also sits on the IOC’s medical commission, and Fabio Pigozzi, another IOC medical advisor who is president of the International Federation of Sports Medicine.

    Also a first for SportAccord in Bangkok is a daily product showcase from April 17-19.

    ‘Smart’ clothing and body sensor brands will hit the runway at the gathering of Olympic movement stakeholders.

    Delegates can expect to see sports apparel and footwear featuring technology providing more in-depth physiological and biometric data than ever before. These will include the latest in fitness wearables, compression technology for quicker athlete recovery, moisture management, smart footwear and wearable patches.

    Nis Hatt, managing director of SportAccord, said the product showcase was “a golden opportunity for a few brands to take part and engage with their target audience”.

    Reported by Mark Bisson

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