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  • Olympic Collector Craig Perlow, 64


    (ATR) Craig Perlow began collecting Olympic memorabilia at the Montreal Olympics.
    Craig Perlow (Olympin)

    In the 40 years since he amassed a collection that included pins as well as books and other printed material about the Olympics. His specialty was Olympic bid pins.

    He died April 6 in Atlanta from a blood disease. Services for him will be held this week in New York where he was born.

    A graduate of Cornell, Perlow attended Olympic Games on a regular basis from 1976. He was involved as a volunteer with sports events such as the New York City Marathon and 1996 Atlanta Olympic Torch Relay.

    He was frequently interviewed as an expert on pins by TV stations and networks.

    He was a member of the International Society of Olympic Historians as well as the Olympin Collectors' Club.

    Funeral services are set for Friday, April 13, at Gutterman's Funeral Home in Woodbury, New York.

    Reported by Ed Hula.

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