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  • Monday Memo: 1 Month to Moscow, WADA in Montreal


    One Month To World Cup

    Russia and Saudi Arabia will be the first teams to tangle in the 2018 FIFA World Cup on June 14, just 30 days away. The opening match of the tournament takes place in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The competition goes into full swing the next day with three matches per day. The final, also in the iconic Moscow venue, will take place July 15.

    WADA Gets Latest On Russia

    Russia’s slow march toward compliance with WADA rules and regulations will be one of the items this week when the leadership of the World Anti-Doping Agency convene at headquarters in Montréal.

    WADA President Craig Reedie will lead a closed door meeting of the 12 member executive committee on May 16. The 38 member Foundation Board, fully open, will be held on May 17 .

    Top of the agenda include updates from WADA Director General Olivier Niggli on the situation with Russia. Despite progress towards reform of the country’s anti-doping program, Russia remains non-compliant, even as the World Cup approaches.

    Ethics, the results of an audit of the WADA Intelligence and Investigations Department and the status with its Headquarters Agreement with Montreal International are among other items up for consideration.

    IOC Experts Head To Senegal

    The group from the IOC visiting possible candidates for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games will make their next stop in Senegal this week.

    The IOC group will visit Senegal, Botswana and Nigeria to gather information and to meet with organizers to review what’s needed to organize formal bids. The IOC Executive Board will choose a slate of candidate cities in July that will receive further scrutiny.

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