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  • ATR First: Russian NOC Faces Challenges on Election Day


    (ATR) “A momentous challenge” faces whoever is elected as the new president of the Russian Olympic Committee Tuesday in Moscow, one of the voters tells Around the Rings.

    Two candidates are running to succeed Alexander Zhukov, who has held the post since 2010, and has declined to run for reelection.

    Stanislav Pozdnyakov, 44, the current first vice-president of the ROC, is one of the most successful Olympic fencers of all time.

    Alexander Popov, 46, is an honorary IOC member after serving 16 years on the Athletes Commission. The Olympic champion is widely considered one of the greatest sprint swimmers in history.

    Whoever wins the election will have the responsibility to restore the credibility of Russian sport shaken by doping scandals.Russian Shooting Union President Vladimir Lisin tells Around the Rings:

    "Before anything, in my mind, it is necessary to regain authority of the Russian sport, raise the importance and effectiveness of the ROC activity, coordinate the interaction of medicine, science and education in order to support the national teams”. 

    He says he’ll be voting for Popov, the choice of his national federation.

    "Both, Alexander Popov and Stanislav Pozdniakov, are worthy candidates for the position of the ROC President. Both of them are prominent athletes, Olympic champions, people with sufficient experience of administrative work.

    "But taking in consideration the goals set in front of the ROC now in the sphere of
    Vladimir Lisin
    relations as well as the accumulated experience in business and self-sufficiency, Alexander Popov, his candidature seems to me more preferable,” says Lisin, president of the Summer Olympic Sports Association of Russia. 

    The vote is scheduled to begin at 1100 Moscow time May 29 at the headquarters of the Russian Olympic Committee.

    Lisin has been president of the European Shooting Confederation since 2009. His profile may rise later this year with the possibility of succeeding the retiring Olegario Vazquez Rana as president of the International Sport Shooting Federation.

    Lisin has served as a member of the IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education and is currently a member of the IOC Marketing Commission.

    Lisin says he is looking forward to ending the impasse over reinstatement of the Russian Anti Doping Agency.

    “It seems the question of RUSADA reinstatement has become the matter of a principle for the sake of principle rather than the instrument in the fight against doping. Russia has admitted that the violations took place. It was pronounced by the first person of the state,” referencing comments from Vladimir Putin.

    “Athletes go through testing. But they are forced to do it outside the country that leads to time and money expenditure. This, surely, hampers their preparation to the competitions, says Lisin.

    “If the renewed RUSADA could identify the mistakes of the past and correct them hand in hand with WADA, it would be more efficient than deprivation of one of the parties of its legal rights,” Lisin tells ATR.

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