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  • ATR First - New COO for International Center for Sport Security


    Karen Webb joined the ICSS in 2013. (ATR)
    (ATR) A veteran of Olympic Games since Sydney 2000, Karen Webb is the new chief operating officer at the International Center for Sports Security in Doha.

    Webb has worked with the ICSS since 2013, originally directing communications for the center. Founded in 2010, the ICSS provide services to governments and sports event organizers for security, safety, integrity and anticorruption practices.

    Webb tells Around the Rings that she will be overseeing seeing the ICSS Group operations. She’ll work closely with ICSS Chairman/Group CEO Mohammed Hanzab in the leadership and implementation of the mission and strategy of the center.

    She takes a post previously held by U.S. lawyer Michael Hershman, one of the world’s experts on sports integrity. He will rejoin the ICSS Board of Directors. Webb says
    that Hershman will become a senior advisor on all issues relating to integrity, transparency and security.

    British-born Webb began her career in marketing and public relations. Her first high profile position came in Sydney where she handled communications regarding sponsorships for the 2000 Olympics. From Australia she moved on to the IOC to handle sponsor communications.

    A stint with London-based communications firm Vero followed before she joined the ICSS, moving with her family to Doha in 2013.

    “My focus for ICSS is to ensure structure is fit for purpose,” Webb tells ATR.

    “We will focus on efforts to become more independent, drive business through our safety, security and integrity consultancy,” she says.

    Webb also says she’ll be working to make the most of the Sport Integrity Hotline and the Sport Integrity Unit that have been formed to fight corruption in sport.

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