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  • Media Watch - Sion 2026 Faces a Major Threat


    (ATR) On June 10 voters in the Swiss canton of Valais will decide whether to bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. An online survey projected 58 percent of voters opposed the bid.
    (Sion 2026)

    The local community will vote on a CHF100 million commitment local authorities would need to host the 2026 Games. The final budget is expected to cost around CHF2.4 billion.

    Those who are opposed to the bid believe the costs will go over budget and would rather see money invested in more pressing needs, such as infrastructure or social services. Supporters believe the Olympics would develop the region and create tourism.

    Should the vote not pass, Sion 2026 will not proceed.

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    Steve Penny Testimony "Shameful"

    In his first public appearance since he resigned in March 2017, former USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid answering questions from U.S. congressmen. Penny was forced to appear Tuesday after being served a subpoena. He declined to appear voluntarily.
    Steve Penny testifies before Congress (CSPAN)

    After dodging six questions, Penny was excused and walked down the aisle to the exit. Amy Moran Compton, a former gymnast and victim of sex abuse, shouted “Shame!” at Penny.

    “That was so cowardly,” Compton said. “That’s what he shows about the protection of children. I believe as a human being that was the wrong thing to do. He could have been part of the solution. It just needs to be open. The system is broken and has been broken for many, many years. It’s just shameful.”

    Penny is currently a defendant in several lawsuits, including a federal lawsuit by Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber.

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    Little Tourism in PyeongChang

    Mikensi Romersa/CityLab
    South Korea spent nearly $14 billion on the Olympics with the promise it would bring growth to PyeongChang, but the resort sits largely vacant. Rather than a tourist attraction, the newly built sports facilities appear to be a massive sunk cost for the area.

    The hope was that the attention from the Olympics and the addition of a high-speed train from Seoul would bring more visitors to the area. However, PyeongChang looks poised to become the next Olympic city with venues left unused.

    Portions of forests were removed to build skiing facilities, but funding to reforest the area has been stalled until after political elections this month. Some citizens are concerned mudslides threaten the area when monsoon season rolls around.

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    Tokyo 2020 Needs Volunteers

    NHK finds not many Japanese are interested in volunteering for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, despite active recruiting from its organizers. More than 80 percent of those polled said they would not participate.

    Volunteers are expected to cover the costs for their own housing and transportation. Applications open in September with 100,000 recruitments needed.

    Perhaps Tokyo 2020 needs to change their pitch. NHK suggests a different recruitment strategy could grant the organizers the numbers they need.

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    Written by Jeffrey Farek

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