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  • Interactive COC Exhibition Marries Nostalgia with Potential


    (ATR) The experience of Canadian Olympians comes to life in a new high tech exhibition inside the Canadian Olympic Committee headquarters in Montreal.

    A panorama screen in the exhibition. (COC)
    The new exhibit opens Wednesday to the general public after the last three years of development. With financial help from both local and federal governments, the $12 million project was funded without touching any COC money meant for athletes and sport.

    Eric Myles, the COC’s executive director of sport, tells Around the Rings that the Canadian Olympic Experience will become an element in the COC educational program. He says school trip visitors are welcome.

    “If we can slide up the passion for kids, that would be a great goal for us,” Myles said.

    The exhibition consists of three different zones, the first of which trains guests in Olympic disciplines.

    Canadian Olympians appear on screen to assist. Olympic gold medalist Bruny Surin appears on screen to help visitors achieve a good starting time off the blocks on a simulated track. Activities featuring other sports, including bobsleigh, fencing, and skiing, are also available.
    Guests can test their start time on a replica track (COC)

    The other two zones celebrate Canadian Olympic success.  They revolve around a montage of medal-winning performances and a panorama screen simulating the view from the floor during an opening ceremony.

    Myles says there will also be a corporate aspect to the attraction, as it can host special events.

    Montreal firm GSM Project conceived and produced the exhibition. XYZ Cultural Technology assisted with the audiovisual and interactive elements.

    It takes about 90 minutes to fully experience the installation. Admission is charged, ranging from $9 to $13. Myles projects 25,000 visitors in its first year, though he says he's been told that number could double.

    "For the Montreal market, if we just hit that 25,000, we’re going to be happy,” says Miles.

    Written by Jeffrey Farek

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