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  • Italy All In For 2026


    (ATR) The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) officially approves a 2026 Winter Olympics bid, but a decision on the country’s bid city still needs to be made.
    Turin 2006 opening ceremony (ATR)

    CONI announced on Tuesday that it "has resolved to put forward to the IOC the nomination of one bid for 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games".

    CONI’s executive board had planned to make a decision on Tuesday on the bid candidate city between Milan, Turin, Cortina d’Ampezzo or possibly a combination from among them.

    Instead, CONI announced the creation of an evaluation board that will examine in detail the feasibility studies of all three cities and draw up a report to present to CONI’s National Council. Around the Rings is told that could happen on either August 1 or September 10. The winning bid will be determined after the report is presented.

    The evaluation board, chaired by CONI secretary general Carlo Mornati, includes IOC members Franco Carraro, Mario Pescante and Ivo Ferriani and IOC honorary members Manuela Di Centa and Ottavio Cinquanta.

    The feasibility studies were only turned into CONI a week ago, on July 3. Three days later, the Italian government threw its official support behind the bid with stipulations for keeping costs in line and providing a legacy for after the Games.

    CONI president Giovanni Malago (ATR)
    The evaluation board will review each bid using a set of 13 guidelines, many of which reflect the government’s wishes. Other guidelines include the “full and unconditional support of the City Councils in question” and the “political support of the regions and/or provinces involved”.

    The Italian newspaper La Republicca reported on Tuesday that CONI president Giovanni Malagò wants to use the time to try and get Milan and Turin to agree to a unified bid.

    ATR learned last month of the possibility that Milan could win the bid but that Turin would host some of the events. Given the lack of ski resorts near Milan, it stands to reason that Sestriere and San Sicario Fraiteve, the alpine skiing venues for Turin 2006, could again be used for the 2026 edition.

    Cortina hosted the Winter Olympics in 1956 but is considered the outsider in the bidding.

    The eventual Italian bid still faces competition from Stockholm, Sapporo, Calgary and Erzurum, Turkey.

    As of now, only Erzurum appears assured of having the support of both the government and public in its effort to host in 2026.

    Homepage photo: CONI

    Written by Gerard Farek

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