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  • Toyota Prioritizing Mobility for Tokyo 2020 -- Sponsor Spotlight


    (ATR) The TOP sponsor wants to give increased access to events for people with disabilities and other physical impairments.

    Concept-i (Toyota)
    Transportation services for low-mobility guests will include “last-mile” needs, helping those to the event from their vehicle. Other transportation options include wheelchair-friendly taxis and electric motorcars. Driverless electric buses will also be available to transport athletes around the Athletes Village.

    "The freedom of being mobile is at the heart of being able to participate in society," said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. "If someone wants to take on a challenge and moving is what is preventing them from doing so, Toyota would like to help tackle that problem. We want mobility to be a possibility, not an obstacle.”

    Toyota will showcase driverless vehicles, including the “Concept-i,” a car that uses AI to converse with the driver.

    All of these transportation options are designed to reduce traffic and environmental impact from the Olympic Games. Every vehicle is electric, including zero-emission buses and forklifts that run on hydrogen fuel cells.

    The company’s goal is to create the lowest total transportation emissions in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    TYR Sport Will Keep Ryan Lochte Despite Another Suspension

    USADA suspended the 12-time Olympic medalist for 14 months. He illegally used an intravenous infusion, which is only permitted with a special exemption.

    Ryan Lochte (USOC)
    TYR Sport CEO Matt DiLorenzo released a statement to confirm the news.

    He said, “We recognize the unfortunate circumstances involving Ryan and fully understand that professional athletes must be diligent in complying with the rules set by the USADA. Ryan is an important part of Team TYR, and we will continue to support him and his goal of making Tokyo in 2020.”

    Lochte previously lost sponsors following an incident at Rio 2016. The U.S. swimmer claimed he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint, but security footage revealed he fabricated the story.

    The competitive swimwear brand signed Lochte in January 2017.

    Qatar National Bank Partners with IAAF Ahead of Doha Championships

    The IAAF World Athletics Championships 2019 will feature a familiar name for Doha locals. Qatar National Bank is the largest bank in the region.

    The agreement includes a country-wide school program, which will encourage sport participation.

    QNB will feature at all IAAF World Athletics Series events.

    Homepage photo: The e-Palette, an autonomous, electric vehicle that will provide transportation in the Athletes' Village (Toyota)

    Written by Jeffrey Farek

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