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  • LA84 Summit Honors Mexico City 1968 Protests -- Conferences and Conventions


    (ATR) This year's central theme at the LA 84 Summit is athlete activism and social justice, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Mexico City 1968. More specifically, the silent protest by Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman.
    John Carlos, Tommie Smith and Peter Norman's protest on the podium in Mexico City (Wikimedia)

    Topics will place a focus on empowering athletes to participate in social justice initiatives, using their platform to make an impact. The summit will also discuss how to ensure sports remain safe for children and how physical education is a social justice issue.

    Television host Sal Masekela will emcee the event and LA84 Foundation president and CEO Renata Simril is scheduled to speak.

    Simril said in a statement, “There is a long and storied tradition of athlete activists working to benefit young people,” said Renata Simril, President & CEO of the LA84 Foundation. “At our Summit, generations of change makers will come together to talk about what works, and how to build a better future for all our kids.”

    The LA84 Summit takes place in Los Angeles on October 18.

    China International Snow & Ice Forum

    (Beijing 2022)
    The 2022 Winter Games will be the topic of discussion in Beijing at the 2nd CISIF.

    China says it has started new programs to involve 300 million people in winter sports ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The Chinese government projects the winter sports industry in the country will be worth $87 million by 2020. At least 650 skating rinks and 800 skiing venues will be operational in China by 2022.

    This rapid growth opens up the industry to a multitude of problems, such as safety management, lack of self-owned winter sports equipment and unrecognized winter sports events. Over 400 experts in the winter sports industry will discuss these potential issues and how they can be solved.

    CISIF begins October 17 and runs through October 19.

    IF Forum

    GAISF members will meet in Lausanne from November 5 to 7 for the 12th IF Forum.
    Thomas Bach at the IF Forum (SportAccord)

    The 2018 headline is Open Doors and Open Minds - New Tools for IFs. The Forum will provide attendees with new technological strategies to predict trends.

    Sessions bring in experts on cryptocurrencies, 5G networks, and ticket pricing models. All topics emphasize taking advantage of the latest technology to increase media and market participation.

    GAISF is also hosting an esports workshop during the event and an update on the effect of GDPR compliance.

    SportAccord organizes the IF Forum with support from the IOC.

    OTT Summit Brings in the Olympic Channel

    SportsPro is hosting the second version of the convention, bringing together major sports media companies.

    The Olympic Channel partnered with the event, which takes place in their headquarters in Madrid from November 28 to 29.

    Over 500 attendees from more than 30 countries will visit, discussing topics centered around production strategies. Discussions on issues such as protecting live sports from illegal streaming and delivering content across different media platforms will be led by experts from top media companies. The Olympic Channel, Turner Sports, and NBC Sports executives are all scheduled to speak.

    Sessions about eSports, artificial intelligence, and social media consumption are also featured during the event.

    Olympism in Action Forum

    The IOC will debut the Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires on October 5-6 prior to the Youth Olympic Games.

    Olympism in Action (IOC)
    Speakers, businesses, athletes, and more will address topics on how to use sport to improve society. This includes removing negative aspects of competition, such as corruption and doping, while enhancing positive impacts, such as environmental sustainability and encouraging young athletes.

    Topics on the first day will address current human rights issues, such as gender equality and sexual harassment. Workshops spotlight the recent strain on Olympic host cities, combating rising costs, which has hurt entire countries due to an overuse of resources. The forum wants future hosts to more positively influence their local communities.

    On day two speakers, such as members of the Rio 2016 refugee Olympic team, will encourage an increased commitment to inclusion in sport. Workshops look ahead to the future, with esports and ultimate frisbee highlighting future competitions, while entrepreneurship and fan engagement continue to adjust technology advances.

    All forum participants also receive an invitation to the Opening Ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games, as the focus on the next generation of athletes is a top priority for both events. YOG feature workshops and education for athletes about Olympic values and how to act as a sports ambassador.

    Other Conferences

    Stadia and Arena Japan: Aug. 30-31

    SportsPro The Brand Conference: Sept. 26-27

    Esports Business Summit: Oct. 1-3

    Why Sports: Oct. 2

    FIBA World Basketball Summit: Oct. 3-4

    SPORTELMonaco: Oct. 22-24

    Smart Cities and Sport Summit: Oct. 29-31

    RESPONSIBALL Forum: Nov. 8

    Soccerex USA: Nov. 15-16

    Investing in Facilities and Infrastructure: Nov. 27

    FINA World Aquatics Convention: Dec. 8-10

    Written by Jeffrey Farek

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