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  • IPC Encourages Parties to Resolve RUSADA Stalemate


    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has urged the Russian authorities and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to increase their efforts to resolve the ongoing stalemate regarding the reinstatement of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA).

    Following an IPC Governing Board meeting in Madrid, Spain, which concluded on Tuesday (11 September), IPC President Andrew Parsons sent letters to the Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov and his WADA counterpart Sir Craig Reedie to share his Board’s frustration at what is seen as a lack of progress in the last six months.

    Currently the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) is suspended by the IPC having met 23 of the 26 criteria needed for reinstatement.

    For the IPC reinstatement criteria to be met in full the RPC must provide an official response that specifically and adequately addresses the findings made by Professor McLaren (a criterion that WADA initially identified) and RUSADA must be reinstated by WADA.

    In addition, the RPC must pay to the IPC the reimbursement costs outlined in the reinstatement criteria. These currently stand at EUR 257,500 and cover, amongst other things, the IPC testing programme of Russian Para athletes and the costs related to the IPC Taskforce.

    Andrew Parsons said: “Since the IPC suspended the RPC in August 2016 a lot of progress has been made and both the RPC and WADA should be applauded for getting the situation to this point. However, the stage we are at now is exactly where we were at six months ago and the IPC is growing increasingly concerned at the ongoing stalemate between RUSADA and WADA.

    “In the last two years a lot of positive change has occurred in Russia regarding anti-doping. RUSADA is now functioning well and Russian athletes are amongst the most tested and scrutinised athletes in the world.

    “What is stopping the reinstatement however is the lack of a suitable response to the McLaren Report and the stubbornness of Russian authorities to provide access to the Moscow laboratory. This is ultimately preventing the reinstatement of RUSADA by WADA.

    “If a solution can be found between RUSADA and WADA, then the only thing preventing the lifting of the RPC suspension is the payment of the IPC’s ongoing reimbursements costs related to the suspension and reinstatement process. We thought this had been resolved earlier this year but sadly no funds have been forthcoming as of yet from the RPC.

    “We hope WADA has positive discussions regarding this matter at its Executive Committee Meeting on 20 September so a pathway forward can be found.”


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    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. It co-ordinates the organisation of the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, and serves as the International Federation for 10 sports, for which it supervises and co-ordinates the World Championships and other competitions. The IPC’s vision is to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world.

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