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  • Asian Games Caps Qatar Airways Year in Sport Marketing


    (ATR) The World Cup and Asian Games in Jakarta provided “unparalleled” reach for Qatar Airways.

    In an interview with Around the Rings, Salam Al Shalah, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Corporate Communications at Qatar Airways says sponsoring two of the largest sporting events in 2018 was done to bring more visitors to Qatar.

    “Sporting events are great passion points for our target audiences,” Al Shalah said.

    She added: “these events create a level of brand recognition that is unparalleled, both in scale and reach.”

    “The exposure we gained from being associated with the Games in this region is a tremendous advantage for us. We expect a spike in consumer awareness due to the exposure we received.”

    Indonesia 2018 is the second time Qatar Airways has sponsored an Asian Games--the first being when Qatar’s capital Doha hosted the Games in 2006.

    “This important partnership with [the Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee] will further increase tourism and business links between Qatar and Indonesia,” Al Shalah commented.

    “The 2018 Asian Games provided us with a means to once again unite fans from around the world through a shared love of sport.”

    Al Shalah said sport is “most definitely” crucial to Qatar Airways’ marketing success. She said the airline views itself as a means of bringing people together--a value Qatar Airlines finds in sport as well.

    Written by Ed Hula III

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