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  • Tissot Possibly Extending Asian Games Partnership -- Sponsor Spotlight


    (ATR) A decades-long partnership could last another 12 years. 

    Tissot at the Asian Games (ATR)
    Francois Thiebaud, CEO of Tissot tells Around the Rings the Swiss watchmaker is already signed up through the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. 

    In 2016, the Olympic Council of Asia awarded the 2026 Asian Games to Nagoya, Japan. Thiebaud says that long-term certainty of hosts means Tissot can consider an even longer partnership. 

    “We’ll work with [OCA] and see what we can do working toward that and possibly 2030,” he said in a wide-ranging interview. 

    “We’ve been one of the [Asian Games] constants over the last 20 years and even before that with the Swatch Group. That allows the Olympic Council of Asia to know we’ll deliver a quality event. Without us there’s no Games.”

    China is Tissot’s largest marketplace and Japan is another crucial market--two things likely to keep Tissot’s interest in an Asian Games sponsorship extension. 

    “The main reason for being a partner of the Games, let’s be perfectly honest, is the visibility of the brand and the brand awareness this brings across Asia,” Thiebaud noted. “They call this the Olympics with branding.” 

    Unlike the Olympics which forbids advertising in the field of play, Tissot and other Asian Games sponsors can be easily seen before, during, and after competition. 

    “Asia is over half the population of the world including some very important markets for us as a brand--China, Korea, Hong Kong, for example, and we hope Indonesia can become a big market in the future too,” Thiebaud added.

    In addition to the highly-technical timekeeping aspects of the Games, Tissot released four watches for the Asian Games, all four of which are sold throughout Asia. 

    “In Jakarta most of them are sold out,” Thiebaud happily pointed out. 

    A successful Asian Games sponsorship for Tissot, Thiebaud said, is evaluated by overall growth in Asia. 

    “We’re well established in China, it’s our number-one market worldwide and for sure we hope to see a progression. It’s a brand-building exercise and staying top of mind with the public.”

    Asian Games Caps Qatar Airways Year in Sport Marketing

    The World Cup and Asian Games in Jakarta provided “unparalleled” reach for Qatar Airways.

    In an interview with Around the Rings, Salam Al Shalah, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Corporate Communications at Qatar Airways says sponsoring two of the largest sporting events in 2018 was done to bring more visitors to Qatar.

    “Sporting events are great passion points for our target audiences,” Al Shalah said.

    She added: “these events create a level of brand recognition that is unparalleled, both in scale and reach.”

    “The exposure we gained from being associated with the Games in this region is a tremendous advantage for us. We expect a spike in consumer awareness due to the exposure we received.”

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