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  • Bach Carries YOG Torch


    (ATR) Less than a week before the third Summer Youth Olympic Games open, IOC President Thomas Bach carried the YOG Flame in the “southernmost city in the world”.

    Bach, left, with Werthein, right, carrying the torch (Buenos Aires 2018)
    Bach was in Ushuaia, Argentina with Buenos 2018 President Gerardo Werthein. The Ushuaia leg of the torch relay is the final segment before the flame travels to Buenos Aires.

    “Some say Ushuaia is at the end of the world, but I think that’s a matter of perspective,” Bach said. “With the arrival of the youth Olympic flame, I think we all feel that Ushuaia is on top of the world.”

    According to Buenos Aires 2018, the Ushuaia leg is the furthest south the Olympic flame has ever travelled. Werthein said that the length of the YOG torch relay will have increased throughout its journey across Argentina.

    “Our plan was to travel 14,000 kilometers with the youth Olympic flame, but the excitement it brought out in everyone surpassed all our expectations and we ended up going to towns and cities that we hadn’t planned to visit,” Werthein said. “By the time it returns to Buenos Aires, it will have travelled almost 20,000 kilometers in the country.”

    Host Country Moves In 

    Buenos Aires 2018 says that the Argentine delegation will move in to the YOG Village tomorrow afternoon.

    Argentina has the largest delegation competing at the 2018 YOG with 141 athletes. All countries will be welcomed to the YOG Village with the traditional welcome ceremonies.

    All 206 National Olympic Committees will compete at the 2018 YOG, with 4,000 athletes competing in 32 sports.

    Written by Aaron Bauer

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