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  • Journalists, Press Attaches Briefed on YOG


    (ATR) The heads of media operations for the International Olympic Committee and Buenos Aires 2018 conducted a lengthy briefing informing journalists and national Olympic committee press attaches what to expect at the Youth Olympic Games.
    Media operations explained during briefing in Buenos Aires (ATR)

    The IOC's Anthony Edgar and BA 2018's Maximiliano Bono covered numerous instructions, regulations and procedures, particularly beneficial for those covering an Olympics or Youth Olympic Games for the first time. 

    The Main Press Center in the Youth Olympic Park was jam-packed for the briefing, including many of the 35 members participating in the IOC’s Young Reporters Program. The briefing, initially scheduled for 2:00 p.m., was delayed until 4:45 p.m.

    “Our goal is to give you all the best possible service,” Bono said. “In doing so, we expect you to have the best experience in this country. We are here not only to help you, but also to learn from you and that’s why we are open for your input and opinions.”

    Anthony Edgar, Head of media operations for the IOC (ATR)
    Edgar explained the thought process behind the “Meeting Point” concept for reporters and press attaches to conduct interviews with the young athletes at venues. As was also the case at the Nanjing 2014 YOG, the traditional mixed zone format is not being used.

    “The concept for this is that we are dealing with young people, we are not at the adult Olympics,” Edgar said. "We want to make it flexible, we want to make it easier for the press to interview the athletes.”

    He added that unlike at the Olympic Games, all journalists and press attaches are permitted to videotape athlete interviews.

    Bono also discussed what will be the first Olympic “open air” opening ceremony, which will occur 360 degrees surrounding Buenos Aires’ iconic landmark, the Obelisk, on the Avenue Ninth of July. The third edition of the Youth Olympic Games open on Saturday night.

    “It is going to take over the streets of Buenos Aires in the most iconic place in the city,” said Bono, a resident of the Argentine capital. “It is definitely going to be a challenge in terms of organization, but also exciting to do such a thing.

    “We cannot disclose details of the ceremony – we hope we can surprise you and the spectators.

    “We really expect the opening ceremony of Buenos Aires 2018, as it is open and free for the people, to be the biggest ceremony ever in the city.”

    Coverage of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games is made possible in part by BA 2018.

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