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  • ATR Radio - A Golden Anniversary for Dick Fosbury


    Dick Fosbury speaks at the unveiling of a sculpture memorializing his trademark Fosbury Flop at alma mater Oregon State University. (R. Schulte)
    (ATR) In this month of commemorations for the Mexico City Olympics of 1968, the story of Dick Fosbury is one that must be told.

    Fosbury was a 21-year-old from Oregon with a most unconventional style in the high jump. He won the gold using the so-called Fosbury flop in Mexico City. It was the last Olympics anybody tried the old way of jumping. By the time of Munich 1972 it was the only way to clear the bar. 

    Fosbury, despite his influence on sport, never went back to the Olympics as a competitor. But he’s been an active Olympian in the years since, involved with the World Olympians Association and other pursuits in support of Olympism.

    He talks with Around the Rings Editor Ed Hula about his experience in Mexico City and what the Olympics mean to him today.