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  • #ICYMI: US Winter Olympic City; IPC Reviews Plans; CANOC Innovation


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    U.S. Winter Olympic Bidder to be Decided Soon

    The United States Olympic Committee is expected to select a host city for a “future” Winter Olympics by the end of the year, officials tell Around the Rings.

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    Matthew Rojas, director of communications for Salt Lake City Mayor Jacqueline Biskupski, confirmed to ATR that the USOC could visit “in the next month or so” as part of a series of site visits. The visit to Salt Lake City was first reported by the Deseret News.

    Any decision taken by the USOC board of directors is “being labeled as [for] a future Winter Games” according to Rojas. Salt Lake City has not been told if that means the USOC could be lining up a contingency plan in the event all three candidate cities for the 2026 Winter Olympics withdraw from the process.

    “We were told that the USOC intends to make their selection for a future Games, we have not been given a [year], by the end of the year, and is looking at the three cities,” Rojas said to ATR. “As part of their process they have indicated that they will be doing a site visit, a public opinion poll, and they have asked the cities with a request for more information.”

    A statement from the Reno/Tahoe Winter Games Coalition said that a deadline of November 9 has been put in place by the USOC for cities to submit additional information. The RTWGC called the process an "unprecedented accelerated process" to select the next bidding city.

    Rob Cohen, the chair of Denver and Colorado’s Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Exploratory Committee, said in a statement that the process was designed to select a "long-term partner to potentially host a future Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2030 or beyond".

    Even though the USOC would select a bid city by the end of the calendar year, Cohen said that should Denver be selected the plan is to have a referendum on the bid in "2020 or later, depending on which Winter Games the USOC decides to bid on".

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    Paralympics Exec Reviews Beijing, Tokyo, Paris Plans

    The Paralympics aren’t meant to be just a two week event says International Paralympics Committee executive director Xavier González.

    Delegation of IPC and Americas Paralympic Committee in Lima (IPC)
    Speaking to Around the Rings following a tour of Asia and America, Gonzalez says the IPC wants host cities to approach the Paralympics as more than two weeks on the calendar.

    “Our mission is not only to organize a Games for two weeks,” he says.

    "For a Games to be considered successful they must also have left an important legacy in terms of improving the lives of people with disabilities in a specific country, in a specific city," Gonzalez tells ATR.

    In the past two weeks Gonzalez has toured the venues of the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing, the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo and the Parapa

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    Lewis Urges CANOC Innovation

    (ATR) Brian Lewis tells Around the Rings he will work to get past “traditional thinking and methods” after being re-elected president of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees.

    Brian Lewis on the sidelines of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (ATR)
    Lewis, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, was elected to a full four-year term today. He told ATR that he was reluctant to run for the position, but was persuaded to do so to continue the “transformation and modernization” of the organization after being elected to finish out the last four-year term.

    “Given that this is my first full term, [my] mandate would be to build on the foundation laid down by Steve Stoute,” Lewis said in an email. “CANOC will be more self-confident in marketing our athletes so that our athletes can better leverage their successes from a commercial perspective. CANOC will harness our unity. We are doing more to assist Haiti through sport and the Olympic movement.”

    Priorities for the organization for the next four years will be commercial independence, staging a successful 2021 Caribbean Games, and courting the Commonwealth Youth Games. More pressing, is to resolve issues with Panam Sports not recognizing associate members, gender equality in CANOC and safeguarding athletes against abuse, Lewis says.

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