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  • #ICYMI: Boxing Future; Kosovo Assurances; Senegal Renovations


    (ATR) #ICMYI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve. Here are our staff picks for articles this week they really want you to know about.

    Boxing Aims to Become Model Federation

    Olympic boxing federation AIBA says it believes the IOC will react positively to changes being made that address a host of concerns.

    Executive Director Tom Virgets tells Around the Rings that AIBA has completed its responses to 17 questions posed by the IOC in a letter sent to the federation in May. Some responses were already sent in July. This final report takes into account the AIBA Congress earlier this month, where delegates voted on changes to statutes as well as new officers for the federation.

    “The document addresses AIBAs improvements in five areas. Governance, Finances, Ethics, Refereeing and Judging and Anti-doping,” says Virgets.

    “I am very confident that the Executive Board of the IOC will recognize the incredible positive changes that AIBA has made in each of these areas over the past six months. We are very proud of the advances we have made towards becoming a model International Federation,” says the AIBA exec.

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    Spain Gives IOC Assurance on Kosovar Athletes

    Athletes from Kosovo will be able to compete under their national flag at international events in Spain, according to the IOC.

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    Josep Borrell, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation, assured the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) that Kosovar athletes would be now issued visas that allow them to compete using all appropriate flags and symbols. Borrell wrote to the COE today to convey the decision

    Most recently, Kosovar athletes had to compete under the World Karate Federation flag at its World Championships in Madrid. Athletes boycotted the opening ceremony in response. There was some worry the IOC could strip Spain of the right to host international events for its actions.

    “The IOC and the COE wish to publicly express their deepest satisfaction with the decision taken today by the Spanish Government regarding the participation of Kosovan athletes in international competitions to be held in Spain,” the IOC statement said.

    “This will ensure that the athletes of Kosovo can participate under the same conditions as all the other athletes from the 206 National Olympic Committees recognised by the IOC.”

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    Senegal 2022: Cuatro Estadios Renovados con Ayuda China

    Los IV Juegos Olimpicos de la Juventud en Senegal en 2022 comienzan a recibir los primeros respaldos internacionales para su nueva infraestructura deportiva.
    Dakar, Senegal (Wikimedia Commons)

    El Gobierno de la República Popular China acaba de firmar un acuerdo para rehabilitar cuatro estadios en diferentes regiones de esa nación africana.

    El convenio asciende a unos 70 millones de dólares e incluye además, según el Ministerio de deportes senegalés, la modernización de equipos e instalaciones deportivas como campos de fútbol, baloncesto y balonmano, pistas de atletismo, sistemas eléctricos, estructuras mecánicas y de construcción, y embellecimientos de los recintos deportivos.

    Los estadios que serán remozados son: el emblemático “Lepold Senghor” en Dakar (Oeste), sede de los famosos Leones de Senegal, del fútbol, el “Lamine Gueye”, de Kaolack (centro del país), “Ely Nael Fall”, de Diourbel (centro) y “Aline Sitoé Diatta, de Ziguinchor (sur).

    Una licitación será lanzada en China en próximos días y en unos tres meses la empresa seleccionada para encargarse de las obras establecerá la fecha de inicio de las remodelaciones.

    Los responsables chinos recordaron que antes de la designación oficial de Senegal como sede de los Juegos Olimpicos de la Juventud en octubre pasado en la Sesión del COI en Buenos Aires, ya la nación asiática había expresado su cooperación para animar el desarrollo deportivo integral de la nación africana.

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