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  • Olympic Summit Building to Esports Consensus


    (ATR) An Olympic summit this month in Lausanne will produce the first consensus statements that could signal a future relationship between esports and the Olympics.

    Thomas Bach following the IOC EB in Tokyo (ATR)
    IOC President Thomas Bach said a “comprehensive presentation,” about the state of the esports and an egames industry was given to the IOC Executive Board in Tokyo. The IOC is expected to adopt a consensus statement about the future of the industry’s relationship with the Olympic movement in the coming weeks.

    “It is a very complex area where you cannot easily identify someone to approach with whom you can advance,” Bach said to reporters.

    A number of factors are delaying the IOC from taking a formal position about the future of its relationship with the industry.

    First is that the IOC must consider balancing how it engages with the different stakeholders within the egames industry. Bach said this includes game developers, promoters, sponsors, players, and federations.

    Another stumbling block to consensus has been the changes within the industry in recent years, and where it is headed. For example, games that are popular now may be severely outdated by the first Olympics in which egames could be included, Paris 2024. There is less of a problem with sport simulations, which mirror sports played in the Olympic Games.

    Bach said that existing international sport federations could even begin administering events involving sport simulations, although nothing has been finalized.

    “We need more time, we need more dialogue, and we need more contact,” Bach said. “Then [we can] see how we can get these two worlds together.

    “We will have to discuss this again at the Olympic summit now in December. Then we will see whether we can come up with such as position paper which then also show the way to further dialogue.”

    Written by Aaron Bauer in Tokyo

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