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  • IBU Statement concerning actions by Austrian state authorities


    The International Biathlon Union (IBU) is in the Russian National Biathlon Team's accommodation in Hochfilzen.

    The Central State Attorney for the Prosecution of Economic Offenses and Corruption (WKStA).

    In its statement, the WKStA confirms that it is conducting an investigation against five officials of the Russian biathlon team based on the use of prohibited substances and / or methods for the purpose of doping. It is thus conducting an investigation against five Russian biathlon athletes based on fraud in connection with doping. The period in question is the IBU Biathlon World Championships in Hochfilzen 2017. The accused persons have handed out the information about these papers according to Austrian criminal process law. A raid or interrogations did not take place.

    "It can be confirmed that in the Central Public Prosecutor's Office for the Prosecution of Economic Criminal Matters and Corruption (WKStA) in Austria, a preliminary investigation against five supervisors of the Russian Biathlon Team because of the use of prohibited substances or methods for the purpose of doping (§ 22a Abs 1 Z 1 and 2 Anti-Doping-Federal Law 2007) and five athletes of this team because of heavy fraud in connection with doping (§§ 146, 147 Abs 1a, tw Abs 2 StGB) .The Tatzeitraum enters the Biathlon World Cup 2017 in Hochfilzen Pursuant to the Austrian Code of Criminal Procedure, persons were therefore given an understanding of the conduct of a preliminary investigation (Section 50 StPO), and there were no searches or interrogations."

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