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  • Salt Lake City for 2030 Winter Olympics


    (ATR) Salt Lake City is the choice of the U.S. Olympic Committee to bid for the 2030 Olympic Winter Games.  The USOC board of directors selected the Utah capital over Denver during a meeting today in San Francisco.

    "What Salt Lake City offered was a stronger proposal," said USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland about the choice between the two cities, the only two under consideration.

    The selection comes two years in advance of the IOC timetable for 2030 candidates and even ahead of the choice for the 2026 Winter Games. The IOC will choose between Stockholm and Milan/Cortina June 24. Sapporo, Japan has indicated an interest in bidding for 2030.

    Salt Lake City, host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, plans to use facilities from those Games. A major expansion of the airport is underway.

    Hirshland says those existing venues and facilities were a major advantage in the Salt Lake City proposal. 

    "As we move forward, it is critical to ensure that we have the ability to create an incredible experience for athletes around the Olympic and Paralympic Games, at the same time managing sustainability and fiscal responsibility. 

    "The venues in Salt Lake City allow all of those things to occur."

    The Denver proposal required
    Existing venues are part of the appeal of Salt Lake City. (ATR)
    some construction for venues and infrastructure. Additionally, a referendum likely would have been required for a Colorado bid. In 1972, voters in the state turned down hosting the 1976 Winter Olympics after the Games had been awarded to the city. Innsbruck, Austria, stepped in to host the Games. 

    Hirshland says public support in Utah was important in the decision. "There was also incredible support from the community - from the community at large and the business community. The political and the municipal communities, the general public. And it was clear when we went there and presented that Salt Lake City very much understands the practical realities of hosting the Games. But also want and support what they represent, and are very proud to represent the United States in doing just that."

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