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  • Banka is Europe's Choice to Head WADA


    (ATR) Polish Sports Minister Witold Banka is Europe's candidate for president of the World Anti-Doping Agency.
    Witold Banka (Getty Images)

    The nomination of the 34-year-old former sprinter was confirmed by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on Wednesday. The Council of Europe thus followed a recommendation of the European Ad Hoc Committee for WADA (CAHAMA), which had agreed on Banka by a clear majority on Jan. 30.

    Banka was chosen over WADA Vice-President Linda Helleland of Norway and Flemish Sports Minister Philippe Muyters. Craig Reedie's successor will officially be elected on Nov. 7 at the World Anti-Doping Conference in Katowice, Poland. But the real decision is expected on May 14, when the government representatives on the WADA Foundation Board will meet in Montreal. The group will discuss the candidates and make their choice at that time.

    Reedie, who has served since 2013, represents the sport movement and under WADA rules the next president must be a government representative.

    The only known challenger to Banka is the former long-distance swimmer Marcos Diaz of the Dominican Republic, who is the choice of the Americas. Candidates from other continents are still possible.

    Written by Heinz Peter Kreuzer

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