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  • COB Launches Sculpture to Celebrate 500 Days to Tokyo 2020


    Sculpture was inaugurated this Tuesday, March 12, in Marina da Glória, with the presence of Olympic athletes

    The countdown began. With 500 days to go before the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, fans of Olympic sports have earned yet another reason to join Team Brazil fans. With the presence of idols of the Brazilian sport, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) inaugurated on Tuesday, the 12th #SOMOS TIME BRASIL sculpture, at Marina da Glória, in Rio de Janeiro. The sign was unveiled by the nine athletes present.

    At the opening of the event, COB Vice-President Marco La Porta spoke about the work the COB has been doing to prepare and train the green and yellow delegation that will compete from the other side of the world 500 days from now. "Our goal with this action is to share with the population and our athletes the start of the countdown to the Olympic Games. We are convinced that these 500 days will pass very quickly. And so we are working hard. Our team has been preparing the logistics well in advance, since before Rio 2016, to offer the best possible conditions to our athletes. We know that the challenges for Tokyo will be many: culture, gastronomy, distance. But our six bases in Japan are already being tested so that when the athlete arrives there, they only worry about their performance, "said Marco La Porta, vice president of the COB.

    In addition to La Porta, the event was attended by the Director General of the COB, Rogério Sampaio, Sports Director, Jorge Bichara, director of Communication and Marketing of the entity, Manoela Penna, and a team of great stars of the national sport, such as the Olympic champions Torben Grael (sailing), Jackie Silva (beach volleyball) and Giovane Gávio (volleyball). Robson Caetano (athletics), bronze medal in Seoul 88 and Atlanta 96, Ágatha Rippel (beach volleyball), silver in Rio 2016, Ana Marcela Cunha (aquatic marathon), four-time World Champion and Marcelinho Machado (basketball), three-time champion also participate in the ceremony. Besides them, the new generation of the Brazilian sport was represented by Guilherme Costa (swimming) and Gabriela Nicolino (sailing).
    "When the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are over, everyone has already focused on Tokyo 2020. The 500-day landmark is a date that we have to give value, but the search for an Olympic wave is already happening. Mine is on July 14 and I'm getting ready for it. I had the opportunity to be in Japan, in Sagamihara, and I could see how our preparation will be. Team Brazil is really worried about giving athletes more comfort, making us feel at home, with our food, with the best structure possible, "said Ana Marcela, who took the opportunity to summon the fans to the Brazilian athletes. "Let's take advantage of social networks to vibrate with us. That the fans can send positive energy, words of help, that makes all the difference for us, especially in 2020 when we will be on the other side of the world, "added the swimmer.

    With more than five meters wide and two meters high, the installation #SOMOS TIME BRASIL, in the colors green, yellow and blue, will allow the participation of the public in an incentive campaign and cheered by the Brazilian athletes. Simultaneously with the launch at Marina da Glória, the sign will also be displayed at Bangu Shopping, the Aliansce group, Official Support Team Time Brasil.

    "I struggled a lot to participate in an Olympics and I achieved it at the end of my career. It is the ultimate achievement of any athlete. It seems like a lot, but 500 days pass very fast and it is essential that the athletes have the support of the fans. In the last Games we had the fans very close, in our house. Now it's going to be far, on the other side of the world. So, the crowd being together in social networks will be very important. That the fans use the hashtag to send their videos, their messages, because this will be an extra fuel for the athletes, "said Marcelinho Machado.

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