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  • 2018 World Sports Legends Awards- The Oscars of Sport



    The Oscars of Sport

    The great international event, the 2018 Monaco World Sports Legends Award, has just taken place in Monte Carlo. It is for sport and its finest champions what the Oscars of Los Angeles are for the cinema and its actors.
    On Friday 7th December was held The Media Day while on Saturday 8th was held the 3rd Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner- Show with Red Carpet in the Salle D’Or of the Fairmont Monte Carlo.
    It was an unforgettable and superbly elegant evening, produced by Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production, bringing together sporting stars with entertainment, art, fashion and glamour to make the WSLA a unique international showcase and an exclusive VIP Red Carpet: the Oscars of Sport.The event is presented by the international ballet star Lorena Baricalla, Master of Ceremonies for the WSLA.
    The Oscar “statuette” is conceived by Marcos Marin, Official Artist of the Foundation of HSH Prince Albert II.

    WSLA Ceremony
    Osvaldo Ardiles, Freddie Spencer, 
    Jutta Kleinschmidt, Bianca Senna
    Dr Claudio Costa, Lorena Baricalla
    Salle d'Or, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    Again, this year, the list of Award winners presented the greatest world sporting champions that received their awards at this exceptional event. Emotion-packed moments for all those who have shown great human values and how discipline, energy, determination and passion are the driving force of the existence.
    Osvaldo Ardiles (Argentina, Football World Champion in 1978)
    Jutta Kleinschmidt (Germany, the only woman who has won the Paris Dakar)
    Freddie Spencer (USA, 3 Times World Champion MotoGP)
    The WSLA Posthumous Award has been given to Ayrton Senna (Brazil, 3 times World Champion F1). The Award has been received by his niece Bianca Senna, President of the “Instituto Ayrton Senna”, who came expressly from Brazil.
    The WSLA Best Values for Community Support recognized Dr Claudio Costa (Italy, founder of the Mobile Clinic in MotoGp, which has saved the lives of many champions).
    These Sporting Legends join last edition’s awarded:
    Giacomo Agostini, Michael Doohan, Carl Fogarty, Mika Häkkinen, Tia Hellebaut, Jacky Ickx, Josefa Idem, Sir Antony McCoy, Michèle Mouton, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Grandmaster Jhong Uhk Kim, Pernilla Wiberg, “WSLA Best Values Award” to Victor Tello, “WSLA Posthumous Award” to Antony Noghès.
    WSLA Party
    Jutta Kleinschmidt, Lorena Baricalla
    Sun Lounge, Sun Casino
    WSLA After Ceremony
    Freddie Spencer, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Dr Claudio Costa,
    Lorena Baricalla, Bianca Senna
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo
    The World Sports Legends Award is awarded to men and women, sporting champions both active and retired, who have gained distinction not only for their sporting exploits but also for their example, which is an inspiration for the new generations.
    The Monaco World Sports Legends Award aims at promoting sport's ethical and moral values as ideals to motivate others, especially the young, to excel.
    The Awarded enter the Pantheon of the World Sports Legends through their handprints, as symbols of mankind and the whole of humanity.
    WSLA Ceremony
    Sergey Egorov,
    Arctic World Club President, Official Partner,
    award with the WSLA Posthumous Award to Ayrton Senna given to Bianca Senna, with Yann-Antony Noghès and Lorena Baricalla
    Salle d'Or, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    WSLA After Ceremony
    Gill Quisquater, CEO of Frank Rose Store,
    with Lorena Baricalla and the Corps de Ballet
    of PromoArt Monte Carlo Production
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    The event took place in partnership with the Hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo.
    It also benefited from the support of the Automobile Club of Monaco and the Monte Carlo Board of Tourism and Congresses, and as well of the partnership of the Sun Casino.
    Radio Monte Carlo of the Mediaset Group was the Official Radio of the WSLA and RusMonaco was the Official Magazine for the WSLA.
    Officials partners of the event were the Swiss brand of luxury watches Century Time Gems and Arctic World Club with its President Sergey Egorov, an international organization closely linked to business, science, culture and sports.
    Another partner was the Frank Rose company, which operates in the lifestyle and art sector.
    Key moments throughout the two-day event highlight fashion and glamour.
    Accordingly, the Master of Ceremonies Lorena Baricalla wore for the Award Ceremony and Red Carpet, as well, for the Press Conference followed by the Awarded Dinner of the Media Day, five haute couture gowns by the fashion designer Dany Atrache.
    For the WSLA Talk Show held on the Media Day Lorena Baricalla wore a series of couture dresses Handmade in Italy by Raquel Balencia.
    The brand Eles Italia dressed some of the guests on the red carpet and created the outfits for the hostesses.

    WSLA Red Carpet
    Freddie Spencer, Lorena Baricalla, Dr Claudio Costa,
    Osvaldo Ardiles, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Bianca Senna,
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    WSLA Press Conference
    Freddie Spencer, Bianca Senna, Osvaldo Ardiles,
    Lorena Baricalla, Dr Claudio Costa, Jutta Kleinschmidt
    Salon des Princes, Automobile Club de Monaco
    The WSLA is an event which is enjoying ever greater success, and only two years since its inception, on its 16 social networks and web channels, the photos and videos of the Oscars of Sport attract round 4,200,000 views per year.
    WSLA Ceremony
    The Representants of Century Time Gems,
    Official Partner,
    give the Century Saphir cut and polished 
    during the Art Show to the 2018 Awarded 
    with Lorena Baricalla
    Salle d'Or, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    WSLA Art Show
    Bianca Senna with Century Time Gems
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    The first day of the programme featured the Media Day at Fairmont Monte Carlo: the WSLA Talk Show “Sporting Stars: The Men or the Women behind the Champion” and “Show, Art and Fashion” hosted by the Ambassadress Lorena Baricalla; the Handprints Show for the creation ofthe champions’ handprints by artist Marcos Marin; and the Art Show put on by Century Time Gems, Official Partner of the event.
    The Official Press Conference was held in the Salon des Princes at the prestigious Automobile Club de Monaco, followed by a cocktail and the Awarded Dinner in the exclusive and private “Cellier” of the Automobile Club de Monaco.
    The second day, the Awards Ceremony with a Gala Dinner-Show was held in the Salle D’Or at the Fairmont Hotel, preceded by the Red Carpet with Cocktail in the Galerie Cristal.
    The prestigious evening ended with the After Ceremony Red Carpet and the WSLA Party at the Sun Casino.
    WSLA Talk Show
    Osvaldo Ardiles with Lorena Baricalla
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo

    WSLA Handprints Show
    Freddie Spencer with Marcos Marin
    Galerie Cristal, Fairmont Monte Carlo 
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